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AD for Aviat: fuel check valve
What about ADSB OUT? The FAA Clarifies
"You're not flying yourself to Cuba any time soon" -- BIS (Commerce Dept)
Rotax 912/914: AD for pushrods in engines built June 2016 - Oct 2017
Cirrus Aircraft Corp. Has a new CEO: Zean Nielsen replaces Dale Klapmeier at helm
Why you can't fly over the Indy 500: cool video
Sebring Expo, R.I.P. Airport Authority "looks forward to the next chapter" in PR
Red Bull Shortens Air Race Season, Kills Series
Cessna 525 (CJ2) Active Winglet AD
How they make a Sensenich wood prop: VIDEO
Cirrus SF50 "Vision Jet" Grounded by Emergency AD
Does your Robinson R-66 oil tank outlet have a blue fitting? You have an AD
Sun 'n Fun: Where's the Exhibitor? official list of locations on the campus
Innovator Commuter Craft designer/founder Richard Hogan dies in crash of prototype
Cavner travesty goes another round: pilot blames everybody but himself
20 Years! Around the World by Balloon: Still unbelievable. Still true.
Superior Air Parts -- XP400 timing advance can over-stress: the solution
AD for Pacific Aerospace -- push/pull tubes
Branson's Record from 1991 still holds
No more "rebuilding from the data plate?" FAA Order 8100-19
FAA's Cold-weather Airport Restrictions (NBAA)
FAA Relaunches ADS-B Out Rebate
Download the EAA Airventure App here
Find Exhibitors at EAA Airventure: current listing here
Norwegian investigation finds Super Puma manufacturing defect -- no warning to crew
New Tiny "Corsair" Makes Successful First Flight (video)
AD: Honda power brake valve (on condition)
AD: Pacific Aerospace XL750: chafing -> leading edge skin
AD: Pacific Aerospace XL750 chafing -> SCAT hose
AD: Austro Engines -- turbocharger wastegate control rod
AD: Piper fuel placard check
AD: Honda HA-420 brakes
Heading to Sun 'n Fun? Here's the Exhibitors' List (refresh frequently)
Michael Goulian's Abu Dhabi Win: the Video
AD: Enstrom spindle
AD: Bell 204, 205 MR blade
AD: Hueys with HTC MR blades
Stemme S 12 Receives FAA certification
It happened: Emergency AD on hundreds of Lycomings: 235, 320, 360, 540, 580, 720
Hundreds of Lycoming 235,320,360,540,580s affected by MSB 632A
AD: Roll-stop rivet replacement on some TBM 700s
AD: some Piper Apache, Aztec, Twin Comanche
2018 Abu Dhabi Air Expo dates announced
SHORT comment period opens on TIO540 AD
URGENT: Rotax warns of error in 912i SI: DO NOT submerge fuel pump
Head to MEXICO (Missouri) this Saturday for Zenith "Fly In to Summer"
AD on some Lycoming turbo 540 exhausts
Video: Ferrying the French military demonstration team across the Atlantic
Altimeter AD -- check your panel
Auto GCAS saves F-16, pilot (unclassified, from Aviation Week)
Request for comments: FAA / Pilatus PC-6, various models
Cirrus Vision Jet now FAA Certified
AD announced: Continental 550 oil cooler cross fitting
Red Bull at Indy: Kirby Chambliss vs Alexander Rossi -- plane vs car!
360-degree view of AeroShell Aerobatic routine
New Record: 15+nm/gal in a C-172
History you can watch live: Solar Impulse launching last leg. Solar-powered circumnavigation!
Oshkosh Exhibitor Directory
EAA and AOPA's meaningful third-class medical certification now the law
See Oshkosh 2015 video. Get ready for 2016, courtesy Daher Socata
Rotax 4-cylinder AD: requiring coolant temp sensor
Mandatory SI for all Rotax 912i-series
New list of stolen Rotax engines
China to Open Airspace for GA; AvGas Availability Not Mentioned
Solar Impulse lands in California: Videos
Sun 'n Fun Exhibitors: Here's the list -- who's there, who's where?
AD: Technify (nee Thielert) fuel feed pump
NBC Sports to Highlight Reno Air Racing March 27 (trailer)
HAI Heli Expo Opens in Louisville
ATC will not be privatized for now: EAA reacts
New YouTube Channel: Daher TBM -- for very fast turboprop information
Legend Cub Launches YouTube Channel
Dates for 2017: Sport Aviation Expo: Where the Sky isn’t the Limit, it’s the Beginning
RANS S-20 Raven now the newest S-LSA
Covering: Lighter, non-toxic, prepainted Oratex now certified in Canada; available for LSA and Exp
FAA: Big changes coming April 1 to student certificates
Michael Goulian 2016 Schedule -- confirmed
RACING! Need some excitement? Have a look.
EPIC E1000 Prototype: First flight!
HondaJet Receives Type Certificate from FAA
AD on many Piper Fuel Tanks: Apache, Aztec, Navajo, Comanche, Twin Comanche
Spirit of St Louis replica flies!
AD: certain Socata TB models; horizontal stabilizer
NBAA Convention Las Vegas 2015: Online News Bureau
AD: Technify (nee Thielert, Centurion) engines with dual mass flywheel
MODAERO Pre-Registration now open. Meet/be the next generation of Aviation!
Didn't make it to Reno this year? Official Info here (click)
Reno Race Coverage by Dan McGee -- click here
AD: PC-12 Aileron Trim Tab
AD: Certain Avidyne Manuals: Model 9 IFD
Continental Motors to buy Titan, ECi, Aircooled Motors, ...
Big AD notice for Pipers with wing struts
AD: Enstrom Helicopter spindle
AD: certain Cessna 402, 414 engine mount beams
AD: GA 8 Airvan -- engine mount fire seal washers
Mandatory ROTAX 912-914 float exchange program
AD: Certain Lycoming 320, 360, 540, 580 engines
AD: Certain Beech Barons -- Fuel systems
EAA fighting to protect Experimental Aviation from parts of FAA's potentially prohibitive ADS-B mand
Rotax 4-cyl: Mandatory SB -- re. coolant sensor
AD: Robinson R-22, R-44 main rotor blades
First flight: Cirrus Vision #2
AD: Piper turbo Navajo exhaust
Alan Eustace breaks Felix Baumgartner's parachute altitude record
Beech 400, MU-300 AD -- Pitch control hanging by a "thread?"
AD: certain Alpha 2160 ignitions may short
Just released: Zigolo electric legal ultralight flight video
US, French, British F1 Racing Associations Agree on Air Race F1 Spain Race Sanction
TBM700 Actuator Rod Bearing AD
The right way to get and hold sponsors: Blue Thunder's new video
Aspen crash: airport camera footage released (videos)
New AD on DA-40 rear spars
AD on Thielert 125 engines: coolant contamination of clutch
New Coolant Radiator for Rotax 912i, 912, and 914 series
Rotax 912 head AD: further expanded base of possibly-affected engines
Short comment period now open on proposed ECi cylinder AD for Continental 520, 550
AD on Barons' elevator weights
Rotax AD: Faulty head inspection now expanded on 912/914 engines
GAMA numbers up for 2013; best year since 2008
Oshkosh Exhibitors: Where to find them (list)
Please look for these STOLEN ROTAX engines
Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx Sworn in as DOT Secretary
FAA to outlaw Stage II jets <75000 MTOW by 2016
Indiana Seeks More Aviation With Tax Breaks for Fuel, Maintenance
Sebring: US Sport Aviation EXPO dates set
FAA extortion works, but EAA says "This isn't over."
Beringer shows new 2-piece wheel and other new features: VIDEO
FAA funded, still shaking down GA
Fifth conforming HondaJet takes off
Diamond HK36: Bellcrank Nut AD
Free: Engine Monitor Data Analysis from SavvyAnalysis
King Schools offers free "Non-Towered" course
$47,000 AD for Bell 430 just released
FAA looks for comments on Rotax cylinder head AD
Texas: "We'll fund towers ourselves."
PilotWorkshops: Free Video Refresher for Non-Towered Airport Operations
Whose tower will lose FAA funding? Official list here.
FIRST FLIGHT, new design: SAM LS Lifts Off, February 26, 2013
AD on Tecnam P2006: Aileron Hinge Support
AD: Diamond Motorglider -- Elevator Pushrod Bellcrank Fastener
Beechcraft Corporation Emerges from Chapter 11: Bonanza, Baron, King Air Survive
Important: Piper AD on certain PA 28, -32, -34, -44 Stabilator cables
Got Turbo? CORRECTED AD on some Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) TA0411 turbochargers
Thielert 125 Series: FADEC Software AD
Thielert 125 Series: Gearbox AD
Maintainers' Victory: FAA fixes strange interpretation of rule
Larry King Airshow Promo Video -- new from Producer John Slemp
Rod Hightower Leaves EAA
Felix Baumgartner: Supersonic Skydiver
Fly-by-Mind? Video Here
Reno T-6 Gold Race -- from the ground, the pits, AND the cockpit!
Lycoming Crank AD Revised to Include 390, 580, 720 -- plus 360, 540
Piper Comanche Stabilator Horn AD
AD: Rotax 912 Fuel Pressure Hose
GE Launching Two New Turboprop Engines: 750 and 850SHP -- Based on M-601
Want a Job in Aviation? Check Out Sun 'n Fun's Openings
Hawker Beechcraft Inks Chinese Deal
Aviation Explorers / Aviators by Design to Build CH750 During Oshkosh
Huge Formation of British Fighters Celebrates HRH 75th Anniversary (video)
Free New Socialflight App for all platforms Unites Pilots to Events
New Look for (Sebring) Sport Aviation Expo, 2013
Support STEM and Flight; Win Jeppesen, BrightLine Bag!
ExecuJet launches UK’s first free pet travel service
AD: Certain HET Turbos: 520 inch Cessna 206, 207, 210; others
New Eclipse 550 Begins Production
New NTSB Recommendations for Experimental, Amateur-Built Certificate Issuance
AD: certain Cessna 210 spar caps, spars
AD: Certain Turbos on Cessna 206, 207, 210
New Discussion: Ethanol -- fuel of the Devil?
AD: Cessna Citation Excel Wheel Inserts / Brakes
Hawker Beechcraft Restructures Debts, Files for Chapter 11 Protectection
Four TSA Screeners Arrested for Drug Trafficking ... (How Many Were Not?)
FAI Announces Second "Mondial" -- Huge Skydiving Event -- for Dubai, November 28 - December 9
Cirrus: Full Speed Ahead on SF50 Vision Personal Jet
NTSB Offers Recommendations to Reno Air Race Association (RARA) after Leeward Accident
Tired? See what ICAO, IFALPA, and IATA say about Fatigue Management
Brand New: Need a Flight? Have a Flight? Explore Planefinder.com!
Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA) surveying cost of FAA Audits (link to survey)
New AD on a few Leaky Rotax 912/914-series Engines
House Overwhelmingly Passes Ultralight Aircraft Legislation
Mandatory AD on Certain Rotax 912, 914: Oil Pump Bolts
New AD on Old Thielert 1.7liter Engines
AD on Some Cirrus SR22T Aircraft
AD: Engine Pylon on several Schempp-Hirth Discus Motorgliders
AD: Certain Rotax 912 Crankshafts -- Mandatory Inspection Required Soon
Reno Air Racing: "officials say they must secure a number of permits "
FAA Clarifies Continental/Slick Magneto AD
Mandatory AD on Certain Rotax 912, 914-series Crankshafts
Thielert / Centurion 1.7 and 2.0 Clutch AD
Piper Suspends Altaire Program; 150 employees to become available soon
AD on PT-6A Models With Recent Sun Gear
AskBob Videos -- Straight from NBAA
Where's That Aircraft Registered? Updated list and explanation here.
Check you spark plugs: MSB on certain Cirrus SR22 turbo-powered aircraft; could apply to others
First-ever Diesel Win at Reno: SMA-Powered Big Frog NXT Wins Heat Race
Blue Thunder II: Ready for Reno
AIN link: ExxonMobil Exits U.S. GA Fuel Business
GAMA: 2010 was disappointing, but 2011 is worse, so far.
Jon Sharp, after 15 championships, retires; won't attend Reno this year.
Some ...active Airmen Registry certificates ...have outstanding warrants or are known fugitives
Knives "Not Main Concern" of TSA. Obviously.
Can't Stow a Class 2 EFB? See Proposed AC 120-76B, Section 9b. Your comments invited.
TSA "SPOT" Program: $1.4 billion so far. No terrorists, no progress: no surprise, No end in sight.
First Flight: (7-13-11) of new Zenith CH650B with 130hp ULPower (video)
U Maryland Team, Judy Wexler Claim Human-Powered Helicopter Record: Video, Story
Advanced Pilot Volunteers Needed for Upset Training
Download Your Oshkosh 2011 Site Map Now
AD on Newer Turbo'd TCM and Lycoming Engines
Been Flying Lately? Visit "Welcome Back, Pilots" and Enjoy Flight Again!
Rotax 912A AD Affects Eleven Engines: Too-Hard Washers
Relentless: Back and Badder (video)
Justice Done: Cirrus Cleared in Death of Corey Lidle & Tyler Stanger
Cessna Addresses Seat-Slip Problem With AD
U Maryland Team, Judy Wexler Claim Human-Powered Helicopter Record: Video, Story
U Maryland Team, Judy Wexler Claim Human-Powered Helicopter Record: Video, Story
OMASUD Skycar Earns FAA, EASA Certification
G650 Down in Test Flight at Roswell; Four Killed
Strip-Search Scanners: Not Just Offensive; also Ineffective: Congressional Testimony
Eclipse EA500s Now Limited to 30,000 ft: AD
Cirrus Bought by Chinese
Announced: Dates for Mid-America Alternate Engine Fly-In, Plus RSVP Form
If they ask why you fly, show 'em this video.
First Flight: Onex -- folding-wing aerobat flies over Oshkosh
Piper Severs Relationship with Czech PiperSport Manufacturer
HondaJet: First Flight of Conforming Aircraft!
Thirteen Columbia / Corvalis Aircraft Affected by new Wing AD
TCM Being Bought by Chinese, Staying in Mobile for Now
Alto 100 at CorbiAir: Newest SLSA
Strip-Search RADAR: Most of the Cost and Radiation, Not Much Security
Eight Corvalis/Columbia Aircraft Affected by Wing Delamination AD
Electric-Power Sonex Crow-Hops into History: OGE at Oshkosh!
Pilots: Smile, Drive, and Pay. It's for everyone else's good.
AD on Some Rotax 912 Engines and Spares Cases -- Possible Cracking
Case-Crack AD Covers Some Older Rotax 912-series Engines
Sikorsky X2 Hits 250kt TAS: World's Fastest Helicopter?
Prototype VP-2, World's Only Modern, Tested Flying Platform, Goes on Sale (video)
50 US Craft Affected by New Rotax Fuel Pump AD
What's That Mean? FAA's Acronyms, in Plain English (or close to it!)
Cessna Piston Singles, Some Light Twins: SAIB on "Water in Fuel"
EAA Announces Rod Hightower as New President, 3rd in Organization's History
Rotax Releases Revised Manual and Service Documents
Cheap and Easy Pilot Certificates?
SAIB Issued on Certain Rotax 912 Engines: Possible Fuel Pump Problem
Private-Built Rocket Carrying Student Payloads Achieves 70-mile Altitude
Solar Impulse: First Flight
Prop AD: McCauley on certain C-152s and other Lycoming O-235 powered airplanes
A&Ps and LSA: What, When, and How Much can you do? ATP found the answers.
New White Paper: Security Management Systems; scalable, and free (!) from NBAA
Russia's FA-22? Sukhoi T-50 First Flight
FAA's Carburetor Advice: SAIB
Cessna's C-162 Skycatcher LSA: First Delivery
Comment NOW on TSA's Untenable Repair Station Requirements (NPRM and comment link)
50 Years Ago: Flying a T-33 Through the Grand Canyon (video)
FAA: "Polished Frost" Now Prohibited (in most cases); Remains a Bad Idea (in all cases)
Gulfstream's New G650 Completes Abbreviated Initial Flight
TCM's Emergency Hydraulic Lifter AD
TSA's Latest Attack: See NPRM [Docket No. TSA-2004-17131] w/ URL for Comments
Factory Response to FAA's Move on CH601XL, 650
The Motorcycle Flies at Dusk
FAA: Don't fly your Zodiac CH601XL and CH650 until you read this (and fix that).
How to Lose Your License Through Overt and Dangerous Stupidity
Incredible Networking: ASA Saves Mercy Mission in Indonesia
TCM six-cylinder MSB goes AD
EAA eHotline: Reno Air Race Recap
FAA Finally Clarifies 51% Evaluations, Lifts Ban Imposed in February, 2008
EAA eHotline from Reno Air Races
First Production Cessna Skycatcher Flies Near its Chinese Factory
New Acoustic Anti-Collision Paradigm from Kansas U
"Wind Turbines: Problem for ATC?" -- Eurocontrol
Important Info on Bolts: Tension and torque don't necessarily equate
FAA Rules on Sport Pilot Training re. Private Certificate
Win $1.5 million -- NASA and CAFE Announce Green Aircraft Challenge
MGL Avionics Guides LSA Circumnavigation of the World
Video: Why Flying GA is Better than Part 121, if You're a Guitar
AMOC For Baron, Bonanza Circuit Breaker AD
New Top Management at Piper
TSA vs GA: "risks associated with general aviation are relatively limited" (pg 7)
DHS Sec Napolitano "Suggests" GA, Small Boat Owners Form Coalition
First Flight of First Emivest SJ30-2 Portends Serial Production
Twin-Engine Rotax Powered... Golf Cart (video)
Confirmed: Randy Babbit Heads FAA
Pinch Petrol, Win a Million Bucks: Draft Rules for NASA / CAFE Challenge Released
Piper Acquired by Imprimis
Cessna suspends Columbus jet project and Corvalis (Columbia) piston production
Cirrus Increases Production
"We Are Under Attack" Sun 'n Fun message from Piper President Jim Bass
NTSB Urges FAA to Ground XL601
Certain Warning and Marking LEDs May be Invisible to NVG Wearers: FAA
Possible Hybrid Power Breakthrough for Experimentals?
Log Time in The Spirit of St Louis (EAA replica, benefits to Lindbergh Foundation)
TSA's Attack on GA, Airports Rekindles in Colorado
Cessna Statement on C-162 SkyCatcher Program
Some Sport Pilot Instruction Won't Count Toward Private
Revised-Design C-162 Skycatcher Down; Pilot OK; No Comment Yet From Cessna
Creditors Petition for Eclipse Aviation Liquidation
TSA's List of Targeted GA Airports (246 Airports Affected in First Wave)
The Business Case for General Aviation: "No Plane, No Gain"
TSA's Plan Could Destroy GA: Read and Comment on Docket TSA-2008-0021
NBAA Merges Planned March "Light" Show Into Annual October Event
Judge Approves Sale of Eclipse Aviation's Assets
AeroCopter's Mono-Tilt-Rotor (MTR) VTOL with Electromagnetic Frictionless Tech
Why GA is a Threat and Needs to be Crippled: DHS Secretary Chertoff
DAHER Group confirms signature of SOCATA takeover deal with EADS
Superior Air Parts Petitions for Chapter 11 Protection
Embraer Phenom 100 Earns FAA Certificate; Deliveries Start Immediately
AIA: Jobs Available Soon, but Depend on Foresight Now (white paper)
Oshkosh Airventure 2009: New Improvements, Requirements, Restrictions: Plan Now!
Bruce Bohannon Retires Record-Setting Flyin' Tiger
Piper Matrix Earns EASA Certification, Leads Company's Piston Sales
Eclipse Aviation Files for Protection Under Chapter 11
U. of Michigan Students Set Fuel-Cell-Powered UAV Endurance Record
DHS Adds to GA Burden; Requirement Exceeds Airlines' in Some Ways
Stemme S6 Motorglider EASA Certified
Dornier Promises Modern Twin Turboprop Seaplane
Steve Fossett Discovery: Wreckage Found
AVweb: Cessna C-162 Prototype Wrecked After Unrecoverable Spin; Pilot OK
Reno Air Race Results: Reno Gazette Journal
First Flight: Way Cool Sikorsky X2
First Flight: First Production Citation CJ 4
Mooney Aircraft, Rolls-Royce to Explore RR500 Application
PiperJet: First Flight Video
RR500: New Turboprop from Rolls-Royce
Eclipse Founder Vern Raburn Edged Out
C-340 With RR 250 Power
FAA Releases Policy Revisions on 51% Rule
First Flight: IKON A5 Amphibian
Plans: EADS to Sell Socata to DAHER
First Flight: Cirrus SJ50, a.k.a. "The-Jet"
Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan™ Engine Cleared for First Flight
GE Finalizes Buy of Walter Engines
AOPA's Boyer Retiring; Fuller Takes Reins
F-35B First Flight
NextGen Shouldn't Wait
Rutan Steps Down at Scaled
AP Sensationalism Aside, Cialis Not For Pilots
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