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Press Release - Kolb and Cupertino Clubs sign agreement on American GEM Youth Flight Training System
For Immediate Release: 4 September 2018

KOLB Aircraft Co. LLC and Cupertino Aviation Clubs, following discussions at EAA AirVenture, July 2018, have announced a Memorandum of Agreement linking the famous ultralight and light sport aircraft manufacturer and the Not-For-Profit Youth Aviation organization to jointly develop the American GEM, Youth Flight Training System.

Their joint goal is to significantly increase the pre-pilot training pipeline by embedding aviation career and avocations in todays High School students – well beyond todays desktop simulators and classroom work.

The American GEM [Ground Effect Machine] Youth Flight Training System modernizes the well established European youth glider and ground systems, allowing teenagers to aviate solo on their very first sortie. Students will start using a Plane-on a-Post {POP} to learn how the controls work in the open air. Then the American GEM will be tethered to a ground based tow line and students will progress from; taxiing to hopping to grass skimming as speed and skills increase.

This AeroSTEM education system is significantly less expensive than regular flight training, is portable and operates off the airport, and as system designer Dave Newill says “gives real seat of the pants, stick in the hand, wind in her hair, smile on his face aviation experience – not electrons on eyeballs!” “This is flight STIMULATION not simulation. “
The two organizations will refine the current prototype system over the next 10 months before announcing final system details to educators and aviation youth oriented organizations.

Final pricing for a full up American GEM flight training system; to include two American GEM’s, ground tow line system, curriculum materials and transport trailer has not been announced, but early estimates place it below $65,000.
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