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See Belite's New 2-Seat Experimental "Chipper" at Sun 'n Fun North Aircraft Exhibit
Belite is pleased to show its first two place experimental aircraft design this year at Sun 'n Fun. Belite's exhibit is located north of Indoor Hangar A.

The new Chipper's entrance into the experimental market is built on Belite's years of success and experience of using innovative, low weight and quicker build technologies in the ultralight aircraft market.

“I wanted to take my wife flying in a aircraft of my own design,” explains James Wiebe, CEO of Belite, “and implement my years of learning about aircraft structure design. I focused on aspects of aircraft design that are really important to me and many pilots whom I’ve met. This includes: cost reduction over other designs, ease of construction, low weight, good short field performance and a variety of inexpensive two and four stroke engine options. This collection of important characteristics all are in our new aircraft, which we’ve chosen to call Chipper, reflecting it’s cheerful and lively design!”

The Chipper will be sold as an experimental kit. A limited number of kits are available at introductory prices: $8,995 for the airframe kit, with a taildragger completion option of $2,295 or a tricycle completion option for $2,595.

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