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Eagle Cap Software Hires Gary Minard as Vice President, Business Development
Sherwood, OR—January 19, 2017—Eagle Cap Software, a software development consultancy focused on flight operations, announces that Gary Minard has joined the company as Vice President, Business Development.
“As Eagle Cap continues to grow, we want support for our commercial operators to keep ahead of the need,” said Dane Winchester, CEO. “Gary, with his three-plus decades of helping the airlines deal with their technology challenges, will give us the confidence to ensure that.”
“Through my past experiences with the airlines, I’ve seen the need for an agile software team to help with complex systems integration issues.” According to Gary, “I chose to come on board with Eagle Cap as they have great engineering talent that understands how to solve the problems commercial aviation operators face.”
Gary recently retired as the Director of Sales and Service at Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, where he led commercial aviation client management. He has over 35 years’ experience helping commercial aviation operators manage the digital transformation.
In his new role, Gary will develop the commercial aviation segment for Eagle Cap, focusing on client acquisition and management. “We are happy to have Gary working with our clients where they can leverage his deep experience solving technology problems,” said Winchester.
About Eagle Cap Software
Eagle Cap Software provides software engineering, mobile application development, and systems integration with a focus on flight operations for aviation, aerospace, and defense organizations. The company consists of engineers, technologists, and developers with domain experience in electronic flight bag, moving map, flight planning and optimization, airspace programs, aviation data, and charting.
Tom Perkowski, Co-Founder, Eagle Cap Software
6377 Estrella Avenue, San Diego, CA 92120-3641 USA
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