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Right Footed: inspiration, with a special link to aviation
It’s about overcoming obstacles and inspiring others. Jessica Cox was born with no arms, yet she earned a black belt in Taekwondo, writes and types with her toes, and flies airplanes. She spreads encouragement around the world, even as she campaigns for the rights of the disabled, at home in the USA and worldwide, through her public engagements and work with NGOs.
Since the movie, Right Footed, screened at fifty film festivals and won seventeen film festival awards (including Best Documentary in the Mirabile Dictu Film Festival in Rome), we’ve been waiting for a chance to own a copy. Now we can.
Right Footed was filmed over two years, on three continents. Producer/Director Nick Spark shares thoughts of Jessica’s family and her early life and her own metamorphosis from victim to conqueror, showing how determination can overcome most anything.
Richly-filmed scenes of Jessica’s pilot training, her mother’s and her brother’s thoughts, then and now; her wedding, her work with young people who have disabilities, even of her first solo flight – all blend together in an uplifting message of hope, and accomplishment.
Filled with poignant moments in Africa, the Philippines, and the USA, Right Footed isn’t just a story of a lady’s personal genesis, or a story of how anyone with the determination can fly. It’s a story of the triumph of the human spirit. It’s a great movie for family gatherings, for Thanksgiving, or over Christmas.
Right Footed also earned "5 doves" from the Dove Foundation; and it was selected by the State Department for the "American Film Showcase."
The DVD is available here:
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