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Aviator Stickers for iPhone and iPad
Send clever and creative text messages with new aviation-themed stickers
Aviator Flight Pack, a new sticker series by App developer Base Turn LLC, allows iMessage users to easily include aviation phraseology and visual emotion in their text messages. Pack 1 contains 33 stickers that feature air-to-air images from pro photographer Jessica Ambats ( Each sticker contains an aviation term such as “Wilco” or “Cleared For Takeoff” so users can compose clever and creative text messages.
Bring aviation into everyday onversation! Or, use
the stickers for pointed communication, such as a flight instructor motivating a student pilot. The sticker pack also provides a direct method to excite
others beyond the pilot population about aviation.
Stickers can be pasted in many ways, including:
- on their own line
- on text bubbles, photos or other stickers
- rotated and enlarged
- embellished with iOS 10 effects such as a shooting star or laser beams
Aviator Flight Pack 1 is priced at $1.99 and requires iOS 10 for iPhone or iPad.
To download the sticker pack, visit the App Store: [ home ]

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