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Increase HP While Lowering DB's
DECREASE NOISE WHILE INCREASING PERFORMANCE. Acme Aero and Quiet Technology Aerospace have achieved this by combining an advanced, tuned exhaust system with a noise suppression system, based on technology QTA uses to bring Gulfstream aircraft into Stage 3 noise compliance, known as a “Hush Kit”.
Acme Aero uses merge collectors and equal length exhaust tubes to “scavenge” exhaust gas out of the exhaust manifold. This vacuum effect allows the engine to fire into an exhaust manifold that is completely free of excess exhaust gas. The result is a more efficient and more powerful engine since it is not having to work to push exhaust gas out of the exhaust manifold.
The Hush Kit is based on noise suppression systems used to bring turbo jet powered aircraft in to Stage 3 noise compliance. As the exhaust exits the exhaust manifold through a ‘nozzle’ the Hush Kit creates a Venturi effect drawing ambient air into the exhaust gas to dissipate sound as well as cool the gas temperature. A special ejector then mixes the exiting gas with the ambient air as it passes through the silencer section of the Hush Kit, which is built with state of the art sound dampening material.
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