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Under the Wing Seminars: "Ask the Doc" with Dr. Brent Blue, FAA Medical Examiner
Join us for a special Under the Wing event with Dr. Brent Blue, an FAA Senior Aviation Medical Examiner. Dr. Blue initiated the EAA's Aeromedical Advisory Program and was the team doctor for the US Unlimited Aerobatic Team.

Topics will include the status of Third Class Medicals, special issuance medicals, and more. You'll also have a chance to talk with Dr. Blue one-on-one, and have an opportunity to ask any and all questions you have regarding medical issues from head to toe - eyes, ears, heart, etc. All conversations will be confidential and as a pilot and aircraft owner, Dr. Blue is on your side to and may be able to make suggestions and/or recommendations that will help keep you in the air.

Date: Wednesday July 27th, 10am

Location: EAA AirVenture Oshkosh The talks will take place in front of Ramona's CessnaTU-206. She'll be parked next to partner Honda Generators' Tent (Booth 381 – in the Boeing Plaza area) across from the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum. [ home ]

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