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Redesigned SkyDock Arrives at Oshkosh on Tuesday
CONTACT: Kathy Wiebe / 316-210-8926 /

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The new SkyDock makes its appearance at Oshkosh on Tuesday. The new design features an extraordinarily attractive, molded carbon fiber fuselage.

The innovative design enables anyone to build an airplane which is more "state of the art" compared to all other aluminum and steel tube / fabric aircraft. This is obvious at the first glance. It’s like no other aircraft you’ve seen before!

The lightweight, aerodynamic design creates a very fast and efficient aircraft or one which will float with little effort on a small powerplant. With 60HP, it will cruise at around 120mph*. With 36.5HP, we expect full power speeds > 85mph.* **

The SkyDock can be configured as an ELSA and cruise efficiently cross country while drawing appreciative eyeballs at every airport. Configured as an ultralight, it enables loitering around your home base and easy slow flights.

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Kits for SkyDock are priced to reflect different builder preferences, skills and pocketbooks. The base kit simply includes carbon fiber skins for the fuselage and wing sections. Builders may purchase multi-axis machined components separately (for example, a CNC machined landing gear mount) and may cut their flat components by hand or with locally available maker resources (for example, any 4’ x 8’ router) after purchasing foam, tubing and sheet aluminum in bulk from local or low cost suppliers.

The base kit (including pre-molded carbon fiber skins) is priced at $11,280. A complete kit which includes a full complement of machined components and all nuts, bolts, and rivets, is priced at $20,675.

A deposit of $1,000 reserves a delivery position. First kit deliveries are expected in Q4 of this year. A limited number of additional delivery positions are available for late 2016 and throughout 2017.  [ home ]

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