General Aviation. Direct & Unfiltered. - Aviation Industry News. Direct. Unfilted. offers new Lightspeed Aviation ANR helmet communications is proud to be the first helmet company to have the Lightspeed Zulu2 communications system tested and factory approved for installation in a flight helmet. Our conversion of the Zulu2 Headset was factory tested by Lightspeed and results show that the performance is maintained to the same quality as the Zulu2 headset. The Lightspeed factory warranty on the Zulu2 components is still valid after we've converted and installed the system into our helmets. The Zulu2 installation is available with civilian impedance communications and either straight or coiled cord with either G/A dual plugs, U-174 single plug, or LEMO plug. All systems come standard with the Zulu2 control box which includes volume control and blue tooth device connectivity. The LEMO plug option uses panel powered ANR systems and the control box on the G/A plugs and single U-174 plug cords power the ANR system with 2 AA batteries. offers a full selection of rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft helmets and will fully customize your helmet with a variety of communications options, oxygen masks options, and custom helmet graphics. also offers a large selection of parts, repair and refurbishment, and a variety of related clothing and equipment for pilots of all types. Stop by our booth #3104 & #3105 in Hangar C for more information and to get fitted for your new helmet! [ home ]

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