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Introduction the NEW Diamond Doors Genesys Bi-Fold door operator.
Featuring the industry’s FIRST UL 325/CSA 22.2 certified door operator, this technology includes superior on-board controls, plug-and-play installation for upgrades, on-board diagnostics, emergency over-ride controls, selectable control configuration, LED status indicators for simple troubleshooting and solid state technology.

With ZERO onsite electrical connections required on the door frame, this set up is the best option for every application. In addition, the door controller, power and control wires, limit switches and electrical motor are preinstalled and factory tested and enclosed in a watertight junction box.

The electrical enclosure, which meets NEMA 4/4X/12 and IP65 specifications is also watertight and minimized environmental effects, further reducing moisture related electrical issues. The Genesys is equipped with auto-resetting overload, and comes complete with an easy to follow installation and user manual. In 3 easy steps, your electrical contractor can complete the install. The user friendly manual also directs simple troubleshooting and gives a detailed control board functionality outline.

It’s easy to see why the Diamond Doors Genesys Operator is the clear choice. See for more information and be sure to visit them in HANGAR A, BOOTH 1040/1041 at the EAA Airventure, Oshkosh. [ home ]

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