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The New MH E-Z Breathe II™ Headset Boom Mounted Cannula
Redmond, Oregon, July 15, 2016 - Building on its leadership with made in the USA general aviation oxygen systems, Mountain High’s new and improved MH E-Z Breathe II™ Headset Boom Mounted Cannula is now available and ready for delivery.
MH redesigned and refined the E-Z Breathe II™ boom mounted Cannula incorporating the latest laser print (SLS) production technology. The redesigned light weight nylon boom arm affixes to your headset with an aluminum ball mount and supplied adhesive pad. It can swivel about and the tubing can slide in and out for the best most comfortable fit. The new improved arm incorporates an adjustable friction-lock thumb screw to eliminate slippage, keeping the cannula in place for effective oxygen breathing with comfort. The nasal tips and the entire feed-tube assembly, as well as the mount ball, are replaceable and available . The arm can be easily removed from the headset and stored when not in use.
The E-Z Breathe II™ Boom Cannula connects with Cessna, Mooney, Piper, Cirrus and Bonanza aircraft oxygen delivery systems and of course the highly regarded portable MH EDS Pulse Demand™ and MH XCP Constant flow systems.
The E-Z Breathe II™ Boom Cannula makes a great Pilot gift. The price is $99.00 plus shipping.
A variety of oxygen options are also available to meet specific pilot needs. Options include lightweight composite cylinders, regulators, adapters, cannulas and facemasks with and without mics to name a few.
To order, give us a call at 541-923-4100 or go online at
Mountain High Equipment & Supply can be reached toll free at 1-800-468-8185 or E-mail
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