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Scheme Designers has announced that customers who commission a custom paint scheme for their aircraft may now also opt to receive photo-realistic 3-dimensional artistic renderings of their aircraft with their new custom scheme. This new tool allows customers to visualize all angles of their aircraft’s custom livery with stunning realism to fully envision the results of their artistic choices.

“Scheme Designers’ 3D photo-realistic renderings are very specific and detailed providing the owner with a new level of understanding of how their custom scheme will look on their ‘live’ aircraft” said Craig Barnett, Scheme Designers Owner and President. “The high resolution renderings can show the aircraft from any angle and in any flight configuration to help clients visualize how their new scheme will appear on their aircraft.”

In the course of developing a custom paint scheme for an aircraft, Scheme Designers artists work hand-in-hand with aircraft owners to bring their unique vision to life on their aircraft. Usually, several iterations are reviewed and a vast number of variables are considered along the path to scheme finalization. Artists work to optimize color combinations and bring out the beautiful lines of each aircraft model, to accommodate unique design considerations such as access panels, inlets, antennae, window placement, and other details that affect the final scheme and outcome. All of these choices can now be beautifully produced in lifelike 3-D for complete customer satisfaction.

All graphics shown here are photo-realistic 3D artist renderings. More information and additional examples of the 3D photo realistic renderings can be found at the Scheme Designers booth 3056 in Hangar C, or online at

Craig Barnett will also be presenting 3 forums, “Designing The Perfect Paint Scheme”: 10-11:15am, Tuesday, July 26, Stage 10; 1-2:15pm, Thursday, July 28, Stage 11; 2:30-3:45pm, Friday, July 29, Stage 5.


Since 1997, Scheme Designers has pioneered the business of exterior design for aircraft of all types, sizes, and models - airline fleets, business jets, piston aircraft, as well as helicopters. Around the globe, there are nearly 12,000 unique aircraft wearing a Scheme Designers paint scheme. Over half of the OEMs delivering new aircraft work with Scheme Designers to develop the exterior styling for their factory new models, setting the standard for the industry as a whole. The Scheme Designers team of artists and designers work with each customer from inception through application of their scheme at the paint shop of their choice, and their job isn’t done until the paint scheme has been executed perfectly and the customer is completely satisfied.

You’ve seen those aircraft with the remarkable paint jobs…aircraft that look fast and lean just sitting on the ramp; aircraft that have panache and communicate the personality of the owner; aircraft that make you smile. There’s a good chance that the paint scheme was designed by one company and their very specialized team of artists…Scheme Designers...Art Above it All.  [ home ]

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