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Pipistrel is hosting Pod-a-Palooza !
A WHAT i hear you say ?

From 2009 to 2015 Pod-A-Palooza was a gathering of podcaster, aviation radio shows, bloggers, web news writers and other media producers covering the aviation industry.

In the past Sennheiser Aviation Headsets sponsored the event, but with the withdrawal of Sennheiser from aviation market Pipistrel USA has stepped up and is now supporting the event.

Pod-A-Palooza will be in the Pipistrel USA booth, sites 86 & 87 right near the EAA Airventure main entrance on Wednesday night, July 27 from 18:00 until the start of the night air show.

This a catered event and may even be live steamed on EAA radio.

We also have a special guest attending, Mike Smith who last year completed the first solo circumnavigation of the globe, west-bound in a Flying Boat and/or Amphibian flying his Searey, "Southern-Sun" will be our guest at the event. Please drop in to say hello. [ home ]

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