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Introduction of Authentic WWI Sopwith Kits
In recognition of the First World War Centennial , KipAero, a division of Kip Motor Company, announces the introduction of accurate reproduction, full-size airplane kits at Oshkosh 2016. Focusing on the Sopwith family of aeroplanes –1½ Strutter, Pup, Triplane and Camel –Kip Aero’s goal is to provide the vintage aviation enthusiast an authentic Great War flying experience.

A full-size Sopwith 1½ Strutter reproduction fuselage will be available for viewing in the Main Aircraft Display, Booth 429. Walk back in time to 1916 and visit an air depot complete with mechanics to see how these early flying machines were built. Learn about the daily life of pilots and the men who maintained the machines.

The Sopwith kits, developed from original factory drawings and specifications, are composed of period correct wood, metal fittings, wires, cables and hardware, ready-to-assemble. No welding skills are required to build the aeroplanes, as all metal fittings and components, including the complex engine mounting plates, sternpost, rudder, fin, and elevators come pre-assembled. Vintage enthusiasts supply their own choice of power plant, instrumentation and fabric covering according to their preference.

Each Sopwith model is divided
into convenient sub-kits to allow the enthusiast to build the aeroplane at their own pace. KipAero also provides hands-on training and assembly instruction at their Dallas, Texas facility or can assemble complete aircraft to your individual specifications.

As a division of Kip Motor Company, KipAero was formed to focus on our expanding line of products and services for the vintage aircraft market. Following the introduction of new distributor caps, rotors and other ignition components for the WWI era Liberty V8 & V12 engines in 2006, other vintage aeroplane parts quickly followed; distributor caps and rotors for Splitdorf Dixie 800 magnetos (2008, fits Hispano-Suiza V8 and other engines), Packard 1A & 2A aero engines fitted with Delco ignition (2011), Bosch HL8 magnetos (2012, fits Bugatti V16 and other engines), British Thomson-Houston magnetos (2013-14, two types to fit de Havilland Gipsy Six and Gipsy Queen engines), as well as Bosch dual magneto switches (2010) and distributor caps for Allison V12 engines (2016).

Kip Motor Company is celebrating its’ 25th anniversary providing parts, service and restoration for antique British, European and exotic Domestic vehicles and vintage aircraft. Located in Dallas, Texas, the company employs twelve full time artisans who study history, culture, craftsmanship, marketing and period manufacturing processes to thoroughly understand the vehicles entrusted to their care. We call this process Carchaeology. By employing a combination of old world skills, extensive knowledge of period processes and cutting edge technology, we are able to ensure that yesterday’s antique or collector vehicle can be restored, maintained and preserved for current and future generations.

For more information, please contact Kip Lankenau, or by calling (888) 243-0440.
Kip Motor Company 2127 Crown Road
Dallas, TX, 75229 USA
(888) 243-0440
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