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Daher’s latest TBM very fast turboprop aircraft will join the aviation lineup at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
Tarbes, France, July 4, 2016 – The EAA AirVenture Oshkosh fly-in convention, which has earned its reputation as “the world’s greatest aviation gathering,” will feature the latest members of Daher’s TBM very fast turboprop aircraft family – the TBM 900 and TBM 930 – while also highlighting new cabin features available from 2017.
Participating in the July 25-31 event – organized annually by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin – will be a 2016 model year version of the TBM 900 with its system enhancements, and two of the new TBM 930 versions with upgraded cockpits incorporating touchscreen controls.
Daher has integrated the company’s e-copilot® function on Model Year 2016 aircraft for both the TBM 900 and TBM 930 versions, incorporating the following systems and functionality for reduced pilot workload:
• A sensor and angle of attack (AOA) calculator, providing angle of attack information on the primary flight display;
• Electronic stabilization and protection systems (ESP) and Under Speed Protection (USP), which are connected to the AOA computer. These electronic monitoring and stability augmentation systems assist the pilot in maintaining the aircraft in a stable flight condition when flight parameters are exceeded;
• An emergency descent mode (EDM) in the autopilot, which places the aircraft in automatic descent to a safe altitude of 15,000-ft. in the event of cabin depressurization and lack of pilot response;
• New voice alerts – providing notification on stall, overspeed, landing gear status and oxygen mask use – which replace aural sounds for better warning identification...Read more!

In preparation for EAA AirVenture, a video dedicated to the yearly event has been produced by Airborne Films for Daher that includes the presence of numerous TBM very fast turboprop aircraft and their pilot/owners at the 2015 gathering. This video is available on the Daher TBM YouTube channel. Watch the video online here:
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About: Daher is an equipment supplier developing Integrated Industrial systems for aerospace and advanced technologies. By combining its expertise in industrial manufacturing, product and process engineering, logistics and transport, and industrial services, Daher designs and develops integrated industrial systems. Daher has established itself as a leader in five fields of activity: aircraft manufacturing, aerostructures and systems, integrated logistics, nuclear services, and valves. In 2015, Daher posted a turnover superior to one billion euros, and its order book stands at round three-and-a-half years of turnover. Driven by bold innovation ever since it was founded in 1863, Daher has established itself today as one of the major players of the factory of the future – Factory 4.0. The TBM 900 and TBM 930 are the newest members of Daher’s TBM business turboprop aircraft family. They offer performance close to that of light business jets – maximum cruise speed of 330 knots (611 km./hr.)– by offering a maximum range of 1,730 nautical miles (3,200 km.), and provide greater flexibility with their load-carrying capacity and the ability to operate from small airports. About Daher - About Daher TBM aircraft
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