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Daher and Atelier Chabord launch an exhaust silencer kit for TB 10
Aircraft manufacturer joins forces with high-performance exhaust specialist Chabord to reduce noise while maintaining engine power levels.
Tarbes, France, May 9, 2016– Daher and equipment supplier Atelier Chabord today announced the commercialization of an exhaust silencer for the Socata TB 10 Tobago – a legacy aircraft manufactured by Daher’s Airplane Business Unit.
Announced at AERO Friedrichshafen show in Germany, the kit consists of Inconel exhaust pipes connected to a merge collector manifold – called the “4-into-1” collector – that feeds into an extender pipe on which the silencer is installed.
Primary exhaust pipes of the same length are designed to remove static pressure and thereby increase engine power while reducing vibration. The system’s "4-into-1" collector increases engine torque by mixing the exhaust gas flow, which also contributes to the higher power levels. The gas flow provides carburetor and cabin heating as well.
Atelier Chabord’s silencer has a perforated sheet metal expansion chamber with soundproofing material. It is installed on flexible mountings that contribute to vibration dampening.
The silencer originally was developed to meet a request from France’s National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC) for its fleet of 20 TB 10 Tobago aircraft, with the requirement to reduce noise levels without loss of performance. The goal was achieved and exceeded – as the kit’s installation results in a slight increase in power.
After two years of operation – during which nearly 3,000 flight hours have been performed, including the training of air traffic controllers – the concept was fully validated.
This led to the exhaust silencer kit’s launch for TB 10 Tobago owners and operators, with Daher’s Airplane Business Unit and Atelier Chabord jointly marketing the product.
The kit has received its Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) airworthiness authority for TB 10 Tobago models equipped with the Lycoming O-360-A1AD engine, making it applicable to nearly 700 aircraft in service.
"In addition to the firm commitment of supporting our customers, Daher’s strategy is to develop product engineering services with the latest technological advances," said Nicolas Chabbert, Senior Vice President of Daher’s Airplane Business Unit.
“By marketing this exhaust silencer kit, we enable owners and operators to fly their Socata aircraft in the best conditions – in this case, by reducing noise levels.”
Alain Chabord, the founder and CEO of Atelier Chabord, added: "The TB 10 exhaust silencer, developed in collaboration with Daher and validated in service by ENAC, is a sign that our technology and experience in car racing and aviation continues to mature.”
About aircraft Daher -
As an aircraft manufacturer, Daher, continues to ensure the airworthiness of over 5,000 aircraft produced over 50 years. Its current production aircraft comprise the family of TBM very fast turboprop business aircraft, with the TBM 900 and TBM 930 as its latest members. They offer performance close to that of light business jets – a maximum cruise speed of 330 knots (611 km./hr.) – with a maximum range of 1,730 nm.(3,200 km.), greater flexibility in payload carrying capacity, and the ability to land at small airports.

About Chabord -
Located near the airport of Annecy (Haute Savoie), Atelier Chabord has been a 30-year partner of leading motor car sport teams that participate in prestigious Formula 1 car races, the Le Mans 24 Grand Prix, and Rally World Championships.
Based on this experience, the company has developed its capabilities in the design, manufacture, and repair of exhaust silencers and welded parts for light aircraft. Atelier Chabord’s products reduce noise and improve aircraft performance. [ home ]

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