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Schweiss Doors engineers easy-to-grease wrap-around hinges
The engineering team at Schweiss Doors has developed an easy-to-grease hinge for hydraulic doors. The new hinge design with grease zerks on every hinge allows users to easily grease hinges from the underside of the doorframe without having to remove the top rubber weatherseal.
The wrap-around hinge brackets connect directly to the vertical push tubes for added strength. Schweiss Doors all-steel doorframes are designed with double push tubes directly to the header tube. The advantage of double push tubes is that forces of the hydraulic cylinders are evenly distributed to the doorframe and the new wrap-around hinges. The double push tubes provide extra support against forces imposed by hydraulic cylinders used to open and close the door.
“We promote our new wrap-around hinge as ‘robust,” says Mike Schweiss, president of Schweiss Doors. “We’ve heard it was over-engineered, but I don’t know if that’s possible. Either way, we think that’s better than being under-engineered. We've seen instances of others hydraulic doors with hinge welds that failed, literally tearing off the doorframe and destroying the door.”
Schweiss Doors also has incorporated “spherical” bearings in all of its hydraulic one-piece doors. Spherical bearings are located at each end of the door’s power cylinders. Spherical bearing are critical to the safe and smooth operation of a hydraulic door, extending the life of the door.
The industry-leading bifold and hydraulic door manufacturer also introduced a better way to insulate its doors with new insulated panels. Cost-efficient and aesthetically appealing, these lightweight interior panels feature interlocking edges that fasten to the exterior of the doorframe, reducing installation time, while adding R-value and providing a fully insulated thermal barrier.
Stop in and visit Dave Schweiss at Schweiss Doors Booth #N80D54. Or email him at: • Phone 320-905-3240. [ home ]

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