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Avilution Announces Product Roadmap for eXtensible Flight System (XFS) and Partners with TruHorizon for Beta Program
Lakeland, FL, April 4, 2016 – Avilution, an aviation technology company headquartered in Huntsville, AL, announces its expansion of beta tests of the eXtensible Flight System (XFS) for Q4 of 2016 with the goal of shipping its first general purpose products in Q2 of 2017. Further, Avilution is partnering with TruHorizon as its first integrator to assist beta users with the installation of XFS in their aircraft. XFS is a community-driven software development project that increases safety through interoperability and communication between as many aircraft sensors, computers and displays as possible. Avilution is seeking to expand beta testing to up to a maximum twenty aircraft platforms beginning in Q4 of FY 2016.

For years, aircraft systems, especially avionics, have either been a disparate collection of antiquated gauges or, more recently, a highly integrated and yet highly proprietary and inflexible closed garden of technology. Customers are placed in the position of deciding between the relative freedom of the older technology or the modern sophistication of an integrated flight deck at the expense of being completely trapped by a single vendor. XFS breaks this conundrum by providing the best advantages of both worlds with a number of advantages never before brought to the avionics and aircraft systems industry.

Avilution’s XFS is a suite of small, portable avionics software applications that run on a variety of aircraft computers and communicate with each other primarily over Ethernet. Because of this design, XFS permits the easy introduction of new sensors, actuators and applications, allowing much greater safety, more customer choice, faster time to market and a much lower cost to implement.

“I have been involved with aircraft avionics for over 30 years and have witnessed first hand the increased role of software within avionics systems,” said Mark Hoffman, President and CEO of TruHorizon. “Avilution’s XFS is a breakthrough in freeing avionics software from being bound to specific hardware and has the potential to bring greater safety at much lower cost to general aviation pilots. We are excited to be working with Avilution as their first integrator.”

TruHorizon will be the first integration partner for the XFS software package, providing both complete installations and builder assistance for those builders wishing to be more hands-on with their development. TruHorizon is uniquely positioned for XFS installation success due to the company’s past performance with maintenance, modifications, mechanical and electromechanical assemblies and test support services, as well as custom cable and wire harness assemblies and testing. “XFS provides a significant paradigm shift in allowing much greater customization of avionics systems,” said Mark Spencer, Avilution’s founder. “Particularly during the beta program, Avilution feels it is important to have a partner that can get the most out of XFS for customers, and we feel TruHorizon’s experience with both certified and uncertified avionics will ensure he beta program goes smoothly – as well as help us fine tune the installation experience for broader market adoption next year.”

TruHorizon and Avilution are passionately committed to investing in the aviation community. Both corporations sponsor FlyQuest, an aviation education and workforce development non-profit headquartered at the Huntsville International Airport.

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About Avilution
Avilution is an aviation technology company whose eXtensible Flight System (XFS) provides an operating system that may be used with off-the-shelf aviation hardware. With XFS powering displays and aircraft computers, pilots are able to select the best hardware for their needs from a variety of vendors, whether they need to focus on performance or price.

About TruHorizon
TruHorizon is an avionics and aircraft mechanics company specializing in technology upgrades, modifications, heavy maintenance, and remote line maintenance. The management team includes strong experience in the airline industry, MROs and business aviation. TruHorizon is a privately owned and managed, and is a certificated repair station per the United State FAA Part 145. They are headquartered in Huntsville AL, which is centrally located in the United States.

Mark Hoffman
President and CEO, TruHorizon

Mary Kate Gygax
Executive Director, FlyQuest
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