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Check out "The Ideal Recreational Aircraft"
The team at Airtime Aircraft manufactures 'The Ideal Recreational Aircraft', and offers flight instruction to enable people to obtain their Sport Pilot license. We are passionate about aviation; making it convenient, affordable and safe. If you have dreamed of flying come check us out in Paradise City booth # 28. The Ideal Recreational Aircraft is an amphibious light sport aircraft; the current products include the Cygnet and the Explorer 103. The Cygnet is a two-seat aircraft and the Explorer 103 is a lighter one-seat version, just coming to the market. What is truly unique about our aircraft is the painstaking design, which has been perfected over the last decade. The aircraft has a folding wing and a compact trailer to take it anywhere and then stored at home. It has been engineered for one person to setup in less than 20 minutes. Equipped with floats, tundra tires and titanium landing gear the launch and landing options are unlimited: a grass strip, a paved runway, a boat ramp, or a beach. The aircraft has been specially designed to be robust in salt water. The aircraft “practically flies itself” with a simple, smooth and stable flight. It cruises at 50 mph and has a range of 200+ miles. Even with salt water use and outdoor storage, little maintenance is required. Designed to use automobile gas or 100 LL the aircraft can be filled up at your local gas or boat pump, with a fuel operating cost of $8/hr. A standard annual inspection and oil/spark plug change every 100 hours will keep you flying for years to come. The starting price of $57,600 makes it the most affordable aircraft in its class. [ home ]

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