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Company Announces Lower Cost For Experimental Market PDA360EX Audio Panel
PS Engineering, a leader in audio control innovation, is pleased to announce a lower cost for the PDA360EX audio panel – feature packed with utility for the Experimental/Amateur-built market.
According to Greg Ledbetter, PS Engineering spokesman “We have enjoyed much success with the PDA360EX and its big brother the PMA450, so we are able to leverage cost saving specifically for the experimental market to be sure that the best options are available at a competitive price.”
The new price for the PDA360EX is $1,595.00, with a minimum advertised price of $1,345.00. “This is not a ‘show special’, but true cost reduction for the homebuilt aircraft community in general.”
The PDA360EX includes PS Engineering’s patented and licensed Air Force IntelliAudio spatial function, which positions communications radios in locations to improve intelligibility in busy airspace.
An advanced Bluetooth® connectivity allows streaming of music, which can be distributed throughout the aircraft. Bluetooth interface to the cell phone allows caller ID, answer and hang up from the audio panel itself. The Internal Recording Systems shows which radio is playing back, and the message number.
The PDA360EX also has a USB charging port to support the plethora of cockpit devices found in today’s homebuilt cockpits.
This innovative feature-set was introduced in the spring of 2014, gaining widespread acceptance, as PS Engineering has set another standard for audio panels.
In January 2016, Aviation Consumer’s Larry Anglisano called the PDA360EX “The best Light Sport Audio Panel.” Kitplanes Magazine said in April 2015, “We found the audio quality to be exceptional for all sources. We don’t know how you make a radio sound better, but the PDA360EX seems to do it. Overall, we found the PDA360EX to be a robust, high-quality audio panel well suited for the Experimental market.”
Founded in 1985, PS Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of general aviation intercoms and audio control systems. The company’s sole corporate focus is excellence in the design and manufacture of audio control systems for General Aviation Aircraft. PS Engineering is credited for many innovations in the field, including IntelliAudio®, IntelliVox®, Softmute™, Karaoke Mode™, Split mode™, Swap Mode™, and the IRS™(Internal Recording System). With a network of over 600 authorized dealer/installers worldwide, the company is a leader in retrofit avionics as well as a supplier to other major avionics manufacturers for their audio panel requirements.
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