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New AMSOIL Synthetic Air Tool Oil Available at Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-In & Expo
AMSOIL Synthetic Air Tool Oil is specially formulated to provide exceptional lubricity for pneumatic equipment commonly used by aircraft builder, mechanics and craftsmen. It promotes equipment longevity, smooth operation, and reduced wear for a variety of common air tools, including grinders, impact wrenches, ratchet wrenches, chisels, drills, sanders, hammers and nail guns. It effectively lubricates rotary and piston-type air tool bearings and motors, while managing moisture and conditioning rubber and plastic seals & O-rings.

AMSOIL Synthetic Air Tool Oil helps prevent corrosion and deposits while reducing wear and extending tool life. It allows air tools to run cleanly and reliably for years, even generations. Convenient packaging design allows for easy dispensing of products. AMSOIL Synthetic Air Tool Oil offers equipment owners premium protection for lasting performance.

Visit the AMSOIL Tent in front of Vendor Building A to learn more about this and other AMSOIL products for builders and mechanics.

For more information contact G Douglas Enterprises LLC at 1-800-887-6698 or [ home ]

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