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RDD Now Taking Orders for Dream Fulfillment: The LX7 Aircraft Conversion Package
What if you could trade in an old Lancair IV-P for a beautiful new high-technology aircraft with:
Greater Speed – up to 260 KTAS…
Greater Range – over 2,100 miles…
Greater Safety – radically improved stall and slow speed handling, Garmin avionics, Therm-X Deice, whole-aircraft parachute …
Greater comfort – more spacious pressurized cabin with ergonomic leather seating for four…

For just $550,000?

It’s not too good to be true. RDD Enterprises announced today that it’s taking production reservations for its brand new LX7 Aircraft Conversion. The LX7 represents an exponential improvement on the IV-P in performance, safety, range and comfort.

“You won’t believe what they’re doing to the Lancair IV”, wrote Robert Goyer of Plane and Pilot back in December. “The LX7, which all-up is slated to cost around the same as a new Cirrus SR22 G5 or Cessna TTx, will give the airplane much of the appeal of an FAA certificated high-performance single but with greater speed than you can find in a Part 23 model.”

The LX7 blows past previous industry standards in every relevant category, with a list of features and advantages so long that the plane has its own website (check it out at Highlights include:
Handling: The LX7 expands on the aircraft manufacturing technologies that RDD has developed on experimental projects for Airbus and others. This gives the LX7 a stall speed of 63 knots, resulting in dramatically improved handling characteristics compared to the original IV-P.
Avionics: Standard equipment for the LX7 includes a two-screen Garmin G3X Touch Flight Deck, the latest in WAAS technology coupled to the autopilot, with envelope protection and an emergency level function.
Performance: The LX7 climbs at 2000 ft/min to reach cruising speeds of 260 KTAS @ 24 gph and 250 KTAS @ 18 gph. The combination of speed and endurance will take you miles beyond where other aircraft have to stop for fuel, making your trip shorter and more enjoyable.
Range: Coast to coast without stopping? It’s totally possible with the LX7, with reserves left over. This aircraft will take you over 2,100 miles before you have to make a fuel stop. Really. Fuel capacity is 180 gallons.
Safety: Full-aircraft BRS parachute, Garmin EFIS with Active Traffic, Forward looking terrain, synthetic vision, and Satellite and ADS-B weather, AmSafe inflatable seatbelts for the forward occupants, and a pressurized cabin environment, single piece wing with dual spars
“The LX7 offers owners an unparalleled combination of performance, safety, luxury and value,” says Dave McRae, one of RDD’s owners. “There’s just nothing else like it out there. I’ve been flying since 1989 and this airplane is like a traveling machine dream come true. I can easily fly from our facility in Redmond to just about anywhere I want to go without refueling. And the comfort level is superior to the original IV-P due to the increased leg room and passenger space. Flying with pressurization and greater fuel capacity increase confidence and peace of mind when tackling long distance flights.”

You can reserve your LX7 production spot today by calling 541-504-0305, or by filling out the contact form on the LX7 website ( If you don’t currently have a IV-P to convert, RDD will assist you in identifying an eligible aircraft.
RDD will be displaying the LX7 fuselage, avionics and interior at the Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-in Expo in Lakeland, Florida, April 5-10. Come check out the highlights of this amazing personal aircraft at Booth MD-015C.

RDD (Research. Design. Develop.) Enterprises is a full-service aviation company based in Redmond Oregon. RDD has been providing expert ownership assistance for high-performance personal aircraft (certified and experimental) since 2006. The company has a reputation for balancing efficient production with creative solutions and customized detail. RDD completed the airframe construction for Airbus’ Perlan Project, a multimillion dollar collaborative project that is putting “engineless aircraft on the edge of space” (
You can learn more about RDD at or by calling 541-504-0305.
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