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Catch up with ExpressJet Pilot Recruiting
With only three months into the year, ExpressJet team members have been working overtime to ensure that we not only meet but far exceed our overall goal of making ExpressJet an even better place to build your career. There have been several major announcements since January and we want to ensure everyone is well-informed on the latest happenings at ExpressJet.

Here’s an overview of everything going on:

ExpressJet Pilots Ratify Contract Extensions

•First year pay rates at $37 (CRJ200/ERJ) and $40 (CRJ700/900)
•Per diem increased to $1.85 on date of signing and $1.90 on date of signing + 18 months
•$1.50/hr. increase for all pay rates
•Profit sharing program that guarantees a minimum payout of $1,000 for 2016 and $1,500 for 2017 for eligible pilots
•View more information here:

Path to United

•ExpressJet signed an agreement with United to offer our United Express pilots a path to United Airlines
•United has committed to hiring a dedicated percentage of their new pilots from the Career Pathway Program at ExpressJet
•All ExpressJet pilots will also have the opportunity to apply through the normal channels and we expect our strong hiring relationship with United to continue into the future
•For further details about the path click here: Launch

•Visit to learn more about the ExpressJet story
•Site highlights ExpressJet’s training, safety, quality of life, stability, family, career and new total compensation package
•Regularly updated with blog posts, recruiting events and company news

Aviation Career Development Presentation Series

•ExpressJet is partnering with Delta, United and JetBlue to visit partner schools and present on a number of topics, beginning with Career Progression
•Presentations have been held at Jacksonville University, the University of North Dakota and Middle Tennessee State University thus far – look for an event coming to your campus soon
•Lean how this series is educating and engaging aviators across the country here:

Career Info Sessions

•We’re traveling the country to offer you an interview preparation session, or if you’re ready to start your career, an on-site interview
•Sessions include a mock interview, resume review and one-on-one Q&A with ExpressJet pilot recruiter
•Check or our events calendar for the next visit to your city

Pilot Recruiting Events

•Pilot recruiters have been traveling across the country to more than 40 recruiting events in the last three months
•More than 700 students are now members of the Airline Pilot Pathway Program (AP3)
•ExpressJet’s Pilot Recruiting Facebook page, and have the latest information on upcoming events

ExpressJet is committed to exceeding all expectations for 2016, and redefining the regional airline industry. We take pride in raising the bar for our company and setting the industry standard.

If you’re ready to start your career, apply today at
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