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Lancair International, Inc. welcomes Kevin Eldredge as new Director of Business Development
Under a consulting agreement, Mr. Eldredge has been engaged to review the current state of business development projects and product opportunities at Lancair International and make recommendations concerning marketing strategies and product development priorities. Mr. Eldredge has tremendous experience in developing new markets in both the hi-tech and aviation industries as well as helping to build and strengthen organizations overall. As an experienced builder, pilot, and aviation entrepreneur, Mr. Eldredge brings a vast amount of experience and new perspective to the Lancair team.
Bob Wolstenholme, CEO said, “We at Lancair have always considered Kevin Eldredge a formidable competitor, aviation entrepreneur, and aviation enthusiast. We are very pleased to announce that Kevin has joined the Lancair team! We enthusiastically look forward to an even brighter future as Kevin helps us advance new aviation applications via improved Lancair product development and our marketing vision worldwide.”
Eldredge remarks that he "has always considered Lancair to be a leader and pioneer in the kit aviation business and that it is his sincere honor to be asked to help senior management architect the vision and future of this company.” He believes that his experience in marketing, aviation services, and engine development can have a profound impact on Lancair’s plans moving forward.

Lancair International Inc., founded in 1984, will soon celebrate it 32nd year selling the world’s highest performance kit designs in the world.

For more information on Lancair International Inc. visit or call 541-923-2244. To contact Kevin Eldredge ext 136, email
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