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PEGASAS - the FAA Center of Excellence for General Aviation: Heated Airport Pavement research project discussions Sat - Sun (July 25 - 26)
Professor Halil Ceylan and graduate students will be available to discuss the PEGASAS research project investigating aspects for using heated pavements on select areas of airfields to facilitate snow and ice removal. The research includes three major thrusts: an energy and financial viability study, investigations of hybrid heated airport pavements, and investigations of phase change materials to store heat and reduce the need for anti-icing. The research team will have representative pavement samples available for demonstration.

The PEGASAS researchers will be available throughout the day at the PEGASAS display, within booth 35 in Aviation Gateway Park (hosted by the Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies).

PEGASAS (Partnership to Enhance General Aviation Safety, Accessibility and Sustainability) is the Federal Aviation Administration Center of Excellence for General Aviation. [ home ]

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