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Oratex/Better Aircraft Fabric making news worldwide
In April 2015, at the most meaningful general aviation display in Europe, the AERO Friedrichshafen (not an airshow, just a static display unfortunately), Oratex, the BetterAircraftFabric, won the coveted prize for the most innovative product. The AERO Friedrichshafen is for Europe what EAA Oshkosh is for North America. The prize is awarded by the "Fliegermagazin" (Flyer's Magazine), the most popular German language pilot's magazine.

In Europe, the number of EASA STCs and German LBA approvals of Oratex for standard category aircraft has increased to 30, meaning that 30 different types of aircraft are legal to be covered in Oratex now under EASA rules. Furthermore, there are about 20 types of airplanes where Oratex approvals are under active evaluation.

At the famous Alaskan Valdez STOL competition, Frank Knapp won for the third time in a row in his class with the yellow Oratex covered "Lil'Cub". He also placed first in Oshkosh last year during the friendly STOL demonstration. The Lil'Cub is a homebuilt design around a J3 fuselage clone and SuperCub clone wings and tailfeathers. In a second category in Valdez, Bobby Breeden won again, this time with a brand new proprietary design, the gloss black "Glacier Cub", also covered in Oratex6000. The Glacier Cub design by Bob Breeden, Jon Bush, Dan Dufault and Bobby Breeden, is an absolutely maximized and supersized approach to a Super Cub experimental. It has everything and anything anybody could ever want, including a super strong four cylinder engine and the best landing gear we have ever seen, yet it all comes in a very lightweight package. This line of successful participations in competitions was started in 2012 when the first Oratex customer in North America, John Steere, won a prize in Oshkosh for the first airplane he had ever built, the Oratex covered Bodacious.

The first long range capable solar powered aircraft, the Solar Impulse, was completely Oratex covered and only viable because of the massive Oratex weight savings. The new larger Solar Impulse 2 that is circumnavigating the globe on solar power right now is completely Oratex covered as well.

Oratex/BetterAircraftFabric has also come out with a new color in their product line: Corsair Blue in the 6000 bush flying grade, as a completely opaque, non-translucent covering., 907 229 6792
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