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Alpha Systems AOA system: FAA accepted across GA
July 24, 2015: Alpha Systems AOA announced that all its AOA (angle of attack) systems, covering six models in single and dual displays for pressurized and unpressurized airplanes (24 models in all) have been accepted for installation industry-wide under the requirements of 14 CFR 21.8(d).

This means that customers of AOA Systems can be confident of compliance as they install life-saving AOA instrumentation in their aircraft, without needing to buy an STC or get complicated signoffs.

"We are pleased that the FAA has taken this action and granted this recognition," says Mark Korin, CEO and President of Alpha Systems AOA. "We are also proud that, on the same day this month, FAA told us that our quality system has met the quality standards of 14 CFR 21.9(a)(2)., covering our AS9001-compliant factory in Ramsey, Minnesota."

At Airventure Oshkosh, where Alpha Systems is displaying its models in Hangar C, Korin says that its new dichroic-mirror HUD has generated huge interest. "Pilots see that they can now get critical AOA information unobtrusively in their line of sight, as well as on their PFD. A pilot may be in a situation when a quick reference to an easy-to-comprehend and obvious display can save his life. That is when the HUD is most-beneficial."

He notes that student pilots often miss the criticality of understanding AOA, relying on airspeed readings to recognize and avoid stalls; but experienced pilots know that a stall can occur at any speed. Only an AOA indicator can offer the definitive information.

About Alpha Systems AOA:
A division of DepotStar, Inc., Alpha Systems AOA has been in the forefront of angle of attack technology for General Aviation since 1996. Based in Ramsey, MN, it designs and manufactures AOA display solutions for certified and experimental, pressurized and non-pressurized airplanes. This privately-held firm is owned by a pilot whose mission is to improve aircraft operation and flight safety.

Alpha Systems AOA model prices retail starting at $1995. Student (ground training) versions are also available. [ home ]

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