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MU-2 gets Alpha Systems AOA
Alpha Systems AOA announced at Oshkosh that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHIA) Aircraft Product Support Division has selected Alpha Systems AOA as their preferred Angle of Attack system for their MHIA MU-2. The approved system is a multiple-display configuration.

"In cooperation with MHIA, we developed an AOA system that factors flap inputs into our standard pressurized-aircraft AOA configuration," said Mark Korin, CEO of Alpha Systems AOA. "We were pleased to work with such a global team on their high performance twin, and we welcomed the additional challenge of working a solution around the flap system and its deployment."

"As an aeronautical engineer and former naval aviator, I learned early that an AOA system such as this Alpha Systems AOA solution with flap inputs that I fly on this Mitsubishi, offers an easy way to maintain a safe margin above stall," said Rick Wheldon, Vice President of Turbine Aircraft Services, Inc. "According to the NTSB and in my personal experience, loss of control remains a major cause of aircraft accidents. Widespread use of an AOA indicator of this quality and capability would, without doubt, result in a significant reduction in those types of accidents."

About Alpha Systems AOA:
A division of DepotStar, Inc., Alpha Systems AOA has been in the forefront of angle of attack technology for General Aviation since 1996. Based in Ramsey, MN, it designs and manufactures AOA display solutions for certified and experimental, pressurized and non-pressurized airplanes. This privately-held firm is owned by a pilot whose mission is to improve aircraft operation and flight safety. [ home ]

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