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FAA Type Certificate Validation of the Tecnam P Twenty Ten is expected by 4th quarter 2015
Today Tecnam is proud to announce that the FAA has completed the onsite review portion of the current EASA type certificate (EASA A.576) for the Tecnam P2010 single engine four place aircraft and expect the final FAA type certificate at the beginning of the 4th quarter of this year.
The Tecnam P2010 is the first four place single engine high wing aircraft to be certified in decades. This aircraft brings together a Carbon Fiber fuselage with Metal wings, strut, stabilator, rudder and landing gear. By using both materials we can put their strengths to the best use and offer an incredibly wide cabin with a third entry door for the aft passengers while maintaining a very smooth ride. The aircraft will be standard equipped in the U.S. for IFR flight with a G1000 fight deck that also includes Midcontinent SAM backup instrumentation. Lycoming provides the power with an IO-360 M1A to lift just under 1,000 lbs of useful load at a max cruise speed of 140kts. An actual production aircraft has been flying to many airshows in the U.S. this year and is on display at EAA Airventure.
The initial EASA type certificate for the P2010 was issued in September 2014 and Tecnam has delivered more than 25 P2010’s to date. In May of 2015 EASA issued a change record adding a constant speed MT propeller to the certificate (EASA A.576). With the P2010 production line already operational and delivering aircraft under the EASA type certificate, deliveries of U.S. Aircraft will be able to begin immediately following issuance of the FAA type certificate.
The P2010 is being offered in the U.S. for $345,000.00 for the G1000 equipped aircraft and orders are now being accepted.
Contact Shannon Yeager, Director of Sales, Tecnam U.S. 863-955-2400 for additional information
About TECNAM “Quality Aircraft since 1948”
TECNAM traces its roots back to the activities of the Italian brothers Luigi and Giovanni Pascale, who developed and produced innovative aircraft soon after the end of WWII (1948) and have continued ever since to create original models that gained worldwide recognition under the name Partenavia. Established in March 1986, Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM now operates over 250,0000 square feet in three production facilities, Casoria Italy at Naples Capodichino Airport, Capua Italy at the Oreste Salomone Airport and Sebring Florida USA at the Sebring regional airport. Tecnam has more than 4,000 aircraft flying worldwide.
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