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A new player in the space is providing an affordable, encompassing option for all general aviation pilots/owners to make owning an aircraft easier.

OSHKOSH, WI, a Canadian company, AIRBLY, INC. has designed an inexpensive and capable solution to simplifying aircraft ownership. Their device, the CanairyTM Cockpit Monitor, accomplishes this goal and provides many other benefits.

Never before has a single device offered location, temperature, humidity, cabin pressure, carbon monoxide, g-force (airframe stress detection) and engine/flight time information. All of these features replace several other devices and software currently on the market. Environmental data is constantly being recorded and relayed via satellite to servers on the ground and then to an application on any mobile device or computer. The accompanying user-friendly software allows for flexibility in visualization and reporting.

“We are excited to offer general aviation aircraft owners a new way to manage aircraft,” says Christopher VanHorn, Airbly’s president. The CanairyTM Cockpit Monitor creates aircraft logbooks, detailed flight tracks, environmental reports, unsafe condition alarms, and custom notifications. “Enhanced safety and tracking provides pilots and owners with peace of mind. The general aviation community can know their aircraft better than ever before.”

Airbly, Inc. is a technology company aiming to simplify aircraft ownership and make flying safer. The company seeks to accomplish this through enhanced positional and environmental reporting combined with intuitive web and smartphone applications. Airbly, Inc. has developed products and services that are inexpensive and bring modern technology to the cockpit of general aviation aircraft.

Airbly, Inc. is currently demonstrating the CanairyTM Cockpit Monitor at booth 2081 at EAA, Airventure through Sunday 7/26.
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