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STi = STOL Inspired (NEW WING)
Kitfox has come up with another option for their proven S7 Super Sport design. Recently designed, and flown to EAA AirVenture, is a NEW STi (STOL Inspired) retrofittable wing option - that cuts take-off and landing ground roll by more than 150', and only reduces the cruise speed by less than 25 mph.
A fair price to pay for your STOL specific mission.

Even though S7 Super Sport take-off and landing ground rolls are around 300 feet - which usually suffice for island beaches, river sand bars, or the mountain backcountry - Kitfox Aircraft continues to get requests for shorter take-off and landing distances - so owners can literally fly from their back yard or driveway.
The STi wing delivers!

John McBean, President of Kitfox Aircraft LLC, invites you to swing on by the North Aircraft display (booth 634 and 635), and take a look at what we at Kitfox Aircraft flew, 1200 miles, in from the factory at Homedale Idaho.
There are a few other surprises too (Like Shock Monster 2.0 landing gear).
It will be time well spent.

Send email inquiries to
or call 208.337.5111 for additional information about the Kitfox line of aircraft.

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