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For a Great Cause: Zenith Calls for Volunteers at Oshkosh
Build Wings for Chapters in EAA’s GIVE FLIGHT Project
Oshkosh, July 20, 2015: Zenith Aircraft Company President Sebastien Heintz asks, “Since last year's highly successful One Week Wonder project, how do we top it this year at AirVenture?”
Spread the joy. “EAA has announced their ‘Give Flight’ project where five (5) complete sets of wings will be started during the week at Oshkosh AirVenture, to be donated to EAA Chapters (to be taken home after the show to become part of a group-built airplane). We're thrilled that EAA has asked Zenith Aircraft Company to provide three sets of wings for the Give Flight project. Three new Zeniths will be started at Oshkosh this summer, with the help of volunteers!”
Three top kit companies were chosen to partner with EAA for the Give Flight project during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015. Three of the five sets of wings will be for Zenith kit aircraft: two Zenith CH 750 Cruzer wings and one Zenith CH 650 (along with one set each for Sonex and Van’s Aircraft wings).
"We're excited and privileged to be involved with the 'Give Flight' project," said Heintz. "Last year we successfully completed one aircraft in a week. This year we'll be giving a big head start to three new aircraft builds with the construction of the wings. I invite everyone to get involved to learn and lend us a hand!"
"Give Flight" Project Volunteers Needed
Zenith Aircraft Company, the presenting sponsor of EAA's Give Flight wings project, is seeking volunteers to help with the construction of six wings (three sets) during the week-long convention.
If you're an experienced kit builder (especially one with Zenith kit experience) and want to help the Give Flight project, spend a day or two of you AirVenture experience helping to build Zenith wings at the Give Flight tent at the main crossroads of the EAA AirVenture grounds (the same location where the One Week Wonder was put together in 2014).
We’re looking for people who are enthusiastic and ready to work, and who can help build six Zenith wings (two sets of Zenith CH 750 Cruzer wings and one set of Zenith CH 650 wings) during the week.
If you have the skills, energy, and experience, we encourage you to volunteer. This is one of the best opportunities to share your love of the exciting and rewarding world of homebuilding. Let’s all pitch in together and grow the homebuilt movement. If you're interested in learning to build your own all-metal aircraft, we'd love your help also on the Give Flight wings project. EAA is also seeking Homebuilding ambassadors to talk to visitors and answer questions about the project and homebuilding.

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