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1) Caribbean Flying Adventures first U.S. private aircraft in 55 years to land at Trinidad Cuba 2) Caribbean Flying Adventures launches service for private pilots to fly their own planes to Cuba
Caribbean Flying Adventures’ Jim Parker piloted his Cessna 172RG to Cuba on June 26. N4614R was the first U.S. private aircraft to land at the Camaguey and Trinidad airports in 55 years. These are two of Cuba’s oldest towns, founded in the early 1500’s.

“We were welcomed with open arms. Airport procedures were professional and hassle free, although the fees were a little pricey” said Parker. “Fifty miles out the tower asked if we needed fuel and a taxi! Where else in the world would that happen?”

Want to fly your own plane to Cuba? Caribbean Flying Adventures will be inaugurating at Oshkosh two new and exclusive services for private pilots: 1) a Cuba Flight Planning Service for private pilots to fly their own aircraft to Cuba, and; 2) a series of affordable, Fully Escorted Fly Ins to Cuba in 2016.

For details, visit the Caribbean Flying Adventures booth at Oshkosh in Hangar D, #4125. Talk with Jim Parker, who just returned from Cuba in his C72RG and attend one of Jim’s four Oshkosh Forum presentations on Tuesday, Friday or Saturday.

Cuba Flight Planning Service: Priced at $935, it includes a thorough pre-departure checklist; Cuban landing permits; step-by-step arrival/departure procedures for Cuban airports; submission to Cuban Immigration officials of aircraft, pilot and passenger data; preparation of the application to the U.S. government to legally fly your plane to Cuba; and personal assistance from Jim Parker in the development of an appropriate daily itinerary while in Cuba. This is to insure that the pilot and passengers are in compliance with the authorized travel “categories” approved by the U.S. Treasury Department. General tourism is still restricted by the U.S. government so it is important to remember that “educational” travel to Cuba must be structured in order to provide an exceptional opportunity to learn about Cuban culture, music, politics, sports, etc. Jim will also be on standby during your time in Cuba and will be available by phone or email to assist if needed. He has worked with Cuban authorities for over 10 years and has excellent contacts with Cuban Civil Aviation and airport officials. The cost of this service does not include hotels or airport fees.

Caribbean Flying Adventures will also be announcing at Oshkosh the first of several affordable, Fully Escorted Fly Ins to Cuba for private pilots in 2016. Stop by the booth to get your name on the list or go to is the most widely used pilot’s guide for the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands with over 80,000 pilot visits a year. It is the only source for step by step arrival/departure procedures for Caribbean Airports as well as for current fuel prices for the entire Caribbean. Detailed information on Cuban airport procedures is not available from any other source. Jim Parker provides personal attention to member pilots based on his 1,800 hours island hopping in the Caribbean and landings at 107 different Caribbean airports in his Cessna 172RG.
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