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BERINGER AERO: New STC for Diamond DA42
New STC: Complete Wheel & Brake System for Diamond DA42 for Greater control, 800-hour payback, continued savings

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July, 2015: BERINGER AERO announces a complete three-wheel STC for the Diamond DA42 light twin that has demonstrated better braking control and savings that will pay back the initial parts investment in approximately 800 hours of service, with continued savings of about $8/hour continuing indefinitely.
Claire Beringer, Director of Sales, said, “The DA42 is proving to be a workhorse around the world, and we are pleased to offer an STC that brings cost savings, greater control, lighter weight, less-frequent and faster maintenance, and better performance to owners of this lovely machine.”

BERINGER AERO’s proprietary brake pad material increases braking power as it warms. That means that at touchdown, when the airplane is light, braking force is light, and as the airplane slows down and puts more of its weight on its tires, BERINGER AERO brakes respond with increasing force. This phenomenon reflects the opposite of traditional brakes, which can fade as they heat up, and as the far end of the runway gets nearer!

The STC reduces the aircraft weight by seven pounds, and includes mains and nosewheel, tubeless tires, master cylinders for both pilots, calipers, floating discs, and all necessary fittings, new axles and hardware, etc. The STC does not require any airframe modifications, and lists for $6590USD, including tires.

BERINGER AERO will be displaying the DA42 STC at Airventure Oshkosh, Booth 437.

Full details are available online, at

Contact also Viviane Michaud, sales rep for North America:
Phone: (708) 667-7891 Fax: (773) 539-9328
Address: 4118 N. Nashville, Chicago, IL 60634, USA ;
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