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Bristell Aircraft Supports Growing Aviation
The Flying Musicians Association welcomes Bristell Aircraft as a corporate member and sponsor. How better to defy gravity than with music: - The art of defying gravity.
Whether bi-annually at the Lancaster Airport Community Days or during FMA’s Fly-In MusicJam, Bristell Aircraft has been very supportive of FMA over the years. “We look forward to a very long and productive association. Both Bristell Aircraft and FMA will be together again this August 22-23 at the Lancaster Airport Community Days (KLNS).” -John Zapp Sr. President/CEO Flying Musicians Association, Inc.
“When we get together we all have such a blast. Great music and lots of hangar talk. We can't wait to see the gang again at our hangar party in Lancaster after the day’s events.” -John Rathmell National Sales Manager Bristell Aircraft

About Bristell America:
The Bristell S-LSA aircraft are proudly imported by Bristell Aircraft headed by Lou Mancuso and sales managed by John Rathmell, Rich Maisano and their team. Milan Bristella, the designer and creator of the BRM Aero Bristell Light Sport Aircraft, has revolutionized the Light Sport Aircraft industry with his unique designs and specifications. This includes a customized, groundbreaking (Ground Proximity Awareness) safety training for transitioning aviators. "We believe the Bristell GPA training program will revolutionize safety in LSA and in all of GA, especially if embraced by the mainstream." Rathmell said.

Bristells are exciting, fun, and affordable planes to own and fly. This plane is unmatched in fit and finish. Beautifully crafted and designed to accommodate two full size adults, with a generous cockpit accessible luggage space allowing up to 33 lbs. The thought and care that has gone into the design of each model is clear to all those that are fortunate to have flown in a Bristell or, indeed, own one. For example, the unique single motion latching canopy design requires no additional latches or locks, just shut the lid and it’s closed. The planes can be equipped with high tech avionics - a Dual Garmin: 10.6” G3X, Autopilot, ADS-B Traffic & Weather.

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About the Flying Musicians Association, Inc.: The Flying Musicians Association (FMA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization of pilots who are musicians, spanning the globe, proficiency levels and genres. The goal is to share our passions in order to inspire, educate, encourage and now assist (with the FMA Solo Program) others by creating enthusiasm and promoting personal growth in aviation and music. “Pilot Musicians sharing their passion while encouraging and educating youth (& adults) in the science and art of aeronautics and music.” More:
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