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On July 20, 2015 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, SureFly Partners, LTD will introduce GA's first safe, easy-to-install, self-contained electronic ignition system for four and six cylinder Lycoming and Continental engines.

SureFly ignition systems are completely self-contained allowing simple and familiar magneto replacement for both Lycoming and Continental engines. SureFly ignitions are housed in an attractive, lightweight all-aluminum housing that resembles a magneto, installs like a magneto and is timed just like a magneto. Inside, however, the function of century old magneto mechanics is replaced by modern solid-state electronics for reliability, increased spark energy for increased combustion efficiency, and timing advance to improve fuel economy.

SureFly ignition systems feature 2000 hour TBO, can be used on 14V or 28V electrical systems, use existing “Slick” style ignition harnesses, and use existing spark plugs although .036 gapped plugs are optionally available for additional efficiency. SureFly ignition systems use existing drive gears and require only one additional fused power wire for installation.

SureFly four and six cylinder electronic ignitions are currently undergoing FAA STC certification for most Lycoming and Continental engines. Pre-certification systems will be available to a limited number of select customers by the end of summer, 2015. Visit or call 817-373-5161 for more information.

Located in Granbury, Texas, SureFly Partners, LTD is organized and directed by many of the same people that created Sky-Tec Flyweight™ Starters and Plane-Power Lightweight Alternators. The management team represents hundreds of cumulative years experience in electronics, auto-electric, aviation and manufacturing with a track record of producing simple, reliable, well-supported certified aviation products at reasonable prices.

SureFly Partners singular focus is to produce a magneto replacement for certified aircraft that looks like a magneto, installs like a magneto and outperforms a magneto by improving fuel efficiency, surpassing magneto reliability and offering a durable, lightweight, maintenance-free product that is supported by the very same people who developed the product.  [ home ]

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