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World's Largest FAA-PMA Manufacturer
Aero Classics now offers the General Aviation community the largest number of FAA-PMA (Federal Aviation Administration - Parts Manufacturing Authority) approved oil coolers in the world.

No matter if your aircraft is Lycoming powered and uses a remote mounted oil cooler - or is Continental propelled and uses an engine mounted oil cooler, Aero Classics has what you need, always with full FAA-PMA approval and supporting FAA 8130-3 documentation.

Aero Classics also offers innovative oil cooler features, such as the world’s only FAA-PMA all aluminum oil cooler for Piper PA18 and PA22 aircraft. This unit is a direct replacement for the original steel unit, at half the weight - and 20% more cooling efficiency.

Aero’s engine mounted oil coolers for Continental powered aircraft offer high quality features such as a CNC machined base for reliable, leak-proof mounting. Aero’s line of Continental front mounted oil coolers feature a hassle free design that accommodates both 7th stud and non-7th stud engine cases - eliminating the chance of getting the “wrong” oil cooler.

Perhaps best of all, every Aero Classics oil cooler is available at the industry’s lowest purchase price - and with the best warranty: A full two years.

All components of every Aero Classics oil cooler is manufactured at one location: Aero’s state of the art facility in La Verne, California. Not a single component that goes into the making of their oil coolers is “farmed out” to any outside source for fabrication. From raw materials to CAD design, full assembly, testing, and certification is done within Aero’s facility. This is something that no other current manufacturer of aircraft oil coolers can claim.

In addition to the full line of FAA-PMA General Aviation oil coolers, Aero Classics also manufactures oil coolers and coolant radiators for military, marine, transportation, industrial, custom, and race car applications. Aero’s even got a line of all aluminum replacement oil coolers and radiators for many WWII vintage aircraft - replacing the original heavy metal, copper and brass units. The Aero Classics aluminum units weigh less than 50% of the originals and provide up to 30% better heat rejection.

Whatever your heat transfer needs are, from a one-off custom design - to an FAA-PMA cooler for most any type of Certified or Home Built aircraft, Aero Classics Heat Transfer Products, Inc. has an innovative, high quality, and cost effective solution for you.
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