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Civil Air Patrol to use Electroair Electronic Ignition Systems on all Aircraft Refurbishments
Electroair, manufacturer of an FAA approved electronic ignition system, has been formally approved for installation on Civil Air Patrol (“CAP”) aircraft with piston engines. In making this announcement, the CAP has instructed individual branches and refurbishing centers to have Electroair ignition systems installed during all aircraft refurbishments.

Electroair President, Michael Kobylik, stated “We are pleased to have Electroair systems installed on CAP aircraft so this vital service can benefit from Electroair reliability and fuel economy.” CAP’s senior leadership, including Nelson (Dan) Daniel, Chief, Aircraft Management and Gary Schneider, CAP Director of Logistics, is coordinating this program with Col. Tim Hahn, CAP’s Nevada Wing Commander, and Director of Maintenance at Carson Aviation Services, Carson, NV. (Carson Aviation is one of the designate refurbishment facilities for the CAP Refurbishment Program). This coordination will include procurement processes as well as directing installation procedures to insure uniformity across the fleet.

The CAP provides search and rescue coordination and services from 1,500 squadrons across the United States and has played a vital role in training and survival for all of commercial and general aviation. [ home ]

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