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AvMap EngiBOX: the EMS for Rotax engines
AvMap, the Italian manufacturer of avionic instruments since 1994, presents at the SUN 'n FUN EngiBOX, the engine monitor for Rotax aircraft engines.
Fitting in a standard 3 1/8 ” panel hole, EngiBOX is a an ultralight (only 8.8 oz) and compact Engine Monitoring System (EMS) displaying the engine parameters with an update rate of five times per second and recording 160 hours of data in the internal memory.
EngiBOX displays: exhaust gas temperature, revolutions per minute, manifold pressure, oil pressure, oil / air temperature, and the cylinder head temperature / coolant temperature.

Further distinguishing features for the EngiBOX are:
- Wizard to Initialize the engine,
- Parameters displayed in two alternative views graphic or numeric,
- Graph page to analyze performance per each engine parameters,
- Clock page to show flight time, engine lifetime and time since last overhaul.

Additionally, what makes the EngiBOX an outstanding EMS is the real time communication with the engine service center: developed in collaboration with Luciano Sorlini s.p.a. - authorized distributor of Rotax aircraft Engines in Europe - EngiBOX is the direct link between your engine and your Rotax service center*. In case of problems, or for regular maintenance, you can transfer the stored engine performance parameters through the EngiBOX mobile App to get Instant Support Service*.

*Instant Support Service is currently offered by Luciano Sorlini s.p.a. service center in: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Greece, Israel, Italy, Libya, Malta, Pakistan, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Vatican City. Visit

“After the success of Ultra EFIS, AvMap keeps developing avionics instruments through partnerships with leading companies in the industry” declared Simone Lazzarini, Director at AvMap. “Our goal is to gratify the ultralight and light sport aircraft market designing innovative avionics instruments that are exceptionally light, reliable and inexpensive.”

Retail Prices: EngiBOX is available, starting from SUn n FUN 2015, at $ 899
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