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Leading Edge Air Foils, LLC (LEAF) is the Central USA independent ROTAX® Service Centre (iSC) and One of the Oldest and Largest Suppliers of Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft Parts
Leading Edge Air Foils, LLC (LEAF) will be launching their New 2015-2016 Printed and Digital Catalog in May. Watch for the following new items in this catalog, including AeroVoltz 14.5-16V Balance Charger Kit, Pitot Tube Protectors, Whelen Microburst LED Lighting, Sky-Tec Solenoids, Loyd’s Rivet Removal Tool Kit, a 912iS Illustrated Parts section and ROTAX® Clothing to name a few. Our current catalog can be viewed electronically at to make your browsing and shopping more convenient.

LEAF operates from a manufacturing and warehouse facility located on the east side of two grass air strips leased by Wag-Aero. Experienced technicians are available for everything from maintenance to overhaul on all ROTAX® two and four stroke aircraft engines. LEAF maintains a substantial inventory of ROTAX® engines and spare parts in addition to many other Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft parts.

Contact Customer Service at 1.800.532.3462, or via e-mail at, to order your FREE print copy of their new 2015-2016 Catalog. Stop by the ROTAX® Tent SE-14 at Sun’n Fun to visit or ask Brett technical questions. A Free Copy of the 2014-2015 Catalog can also be picked up there.

Leading Edge Air Foils, LLC
P.O. Box 231
1216 North Rd.
Lyons, WI 53148
1.800.532.3462 [ home ]

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