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CoolTravelStuff Launches the Personal Smoke Hood
Chattanooga, TENN. -- CoolTravelStuff, a travel supply company specializing in cool, unique travel products, is introducing the gravity-defying sticky pad American consumers have been waiting for – Nano-Grip.

Nano-Grip’s innovative design hails from Denmark. It contains no glue or magnets and instead utilizes a patented formula of polymer silicone that creates a unique Nano Vacuum seal, keeping small items from slipping off virtually any surface.

“This product is truly amazing,” says Jim Chandler, President and Owner of Cool Travel Stuff. “I’ve seen a lot of sticky pads on the market, and frankly, none can compete with Nano-Grip.”

Unlike the vast majority of Nano-Grip’s cheaper, poor quality competitors, the Danish company promises to keep items in place without the polymer pad tearing, losing its shape or dulling its stickiness.

Chandler continues, “I don’t sell products that I won’t use, and let me tell you, I stick this pad on everywhere – my dashboard, boat, tractor and even my airplane. And, I’ve never experienced the slippage we see with cheap imitations of Nano-Grip.”

“My cellphone, keys, GPS unit, even my coffee mug – Nano-Grip keeps it all in place.”

Nano-Grip is approved for usage with iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, other smartphones and GPS units – but the fact is, your imagination is the only limit on what Nano-Grip can hold.

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