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CoolTravelStuff Launches the Personal Smoke Hood

New Product Provides Men, Women, Children, and Pets – up to 20 minutes of Smoke
Free Air
Chattanooga, Tennessee
CoolTravelStuff, a travel supply company specializing in cool unique travel products, introduces to the general aviation market, one of the most innovative life-saving, personal smoke prevention products to launch in the past decade. The award winning Personal Smoke Hood.
Resisting temperatures of up to 932F while filtering out toxic particles caused by fires and heavy smoke, the Personal Smoke Hood provides 20 minutes of breathable air. The Personal Smoke Hood’s one-size-fits-all (yes, really!) feature easily protects seniors, adults, children and pets!
Jim Chandler, owner and President of CTS, asks “Remember burning those leaves and the wind changes and your lungs get full of smoke and heat for 3 seconds. Think about that feeling and being in your airplane at 8,000 feet and 15 minutes to the nearest airport. And it doesn’t have to be fire and smoke. Have you ever tried to breathe and see while experiencing acrid electrical fumes? You want clear eyes and filtered air in your lungs in this situation.”
According to the FAA,
“Flight crews are considered incapacitated if their vision is impaired to a point where they can no longer see primary instruments, checklist, or outside in the direction of flight. Flight crews are also considered incapacitated if they do not have sufficient breathable air to sustain operation.”
Chandler also states, “Smoke hoods should be required in all general aviation aircraft (as they are in 121 operations) just as the fire extinguisher is required. Even if the fire is extinguished, the likely hood of the smoke and or fumes will still be in the cabin.”
That’s why CTS is introducing the Personal Smoke Hood to general aviation, the next level of safety.
The key to Personal Smoke Hood’s protective powers lies in its design and cutting edge material utilized by NASA to secure space shuttles. A thin layer of high temperature resistant polyamide film allows for clear vision through the material while protecting a user’s face from flames up to 932F.
Toxic air then passes through seven layers of a micro-particle removal filtration filter bringing users enough breathable air to avert a lethal crisis.
“I never start my plane without four Personal Smoke Hoods (one for each seat). They’ve become indispensable for protecting my loved ones and myself,” Chandler adds.
“Hopefully you’ll never have to use one, but if you do, you’ll know that you’ve got a NASA grade protectant that meets UL’s high temperature resistance standards and has been given the ‘Good Mark Award’ from the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.”
But Chandler reminds us that the Personal Smoke Hood isn’t just for pilots, “We’re seeing more organizations stock-up on the Personal Smoke Hood. From hospitals and hotels around the globe to international corporations, and even fire departments and in people’s homes – everyone is realizing that bulky equipment and expensive gadgets just don’t match up the affordability, versatility and portability of the Personal Smoke Hood.”
To purchase your Personal Smoke Hoods visit See how easy and affordable it is to protect yourself, family, your friends…and even Fido.

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