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ULPower Names Southeast US Service Center
Sandersville, GA, April 15, 2015: ULPower, source of four- and six-cylinder experimental aircraft engines of 97 to 200 horsepower, has named Ray Lawrence, A&P, IA, to head the ULPower Southeast Service Center. This is the first factory service center in the US.

At KOKZ (Kaolin Field Airport, Sandersville, GA, about 100 nm southeast of Atlanta), Ray has run the FBO since 2000. He also has been building airplanes since 1992 and runs a thriving GA repair, inspection, and overhaul business. His builder-assist center has supervised and advised completion of over 20 aircraft.

“We are extremely pleased to have Ray on board to run our first Service Center,” said Robert Helms, head of ULPower’s US operations. “His experience, reputation with customers, and enthusiasm bring confidence to all the builders he helps.”

Ray became interested in ULPower through a customer. “A friend and customer brought in an ad for ULPower; he was needing an engine for his RV4. He liked ULPower engines, and when the sixes came out, he got serious, and asked if I’d help. He’s almost finished his RV4 -- with a 520 in it.”

Ray has many years of experience overhauling Lycomings and Continentals, which gave him a comfortable feeling with ULPower. He is going through extensive training on the modern systems found on ULPower – FADEC, fuel injection, electronic ignition – to add to that mechanical background. “The systems are rock-solid and relatively easy to learn, though not simple,” says Ray. “They bring aviation engines into the 21st Century, and I like that.”

Ray’s current project is re-engining his personal RV4, replacing the vintage 320 with a new 520.
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ULPower Southeast
Ray Lawrence
Kaolin Field (KOKZ)
Sandersville, GA 31082

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