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This is a test announcement
The announcement:
Exhibitors at the Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-In & Expo (April 21-26 , 2015) are again putting their press releases, “Direct & Unfiltered,” in one convenient place, where the world general aviation press can pick them up for their own use.

Because of the architecture of, the venue for their publication, these PRs will be exactly as released by the exhibitors; there is no editing or comment. This way, each publication has access to the base, original material, exactly as the Exhibitor intended to release it. Participating publications can then tailor each news item to its own audience.

Graphics note: Many exhibitors will illustrate their press releases with a usable .jpg image, accessible by clicking on the thumbnail next to each story. If this image is inadequate, or you have additional requests, please contact the Exhibitor directly, through its website, as referenced in the story.

No change is being made in the Headlines section, where relevant GA information is linked to its sources.


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