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Concorde Battery Drop in Replacement STCs for Embraer 500 and 505
Phenom 100 (EMB 500) and Phenom 300 (EMB 505) operators are currently getting less than desired life out of their original equipment batteries and complaining of increased battery maintenance. To satisfy customer demands, Concorde developed FAA STCs SA01633WI and SA01703WI for drop in replacements with Concorde Sealed Lead Acid batteries. STC SA01633WI for the Phenom 100 replaces two 27 Ah lead acid batteries with two of Concorde’s
higher capacity 28 Ah Platinum Series® RG‐390E batteries.

SA01703WI replaces the Phenom 300 original equipment batteries with
Concorde’s popular Platinum Series® 28 Ah RG‐390E and 42 Ah RG‐380E/44. Concorde Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 STCs have been validated with ANAC, Transport Canada and EASA. RG® Series batteries do not require an initial capacity test until 12 months or 1000 hour.

Concorde batteries have been flying with satisfied Phenom 100 customers since 2011 and for over 12 months in Phenom 300 operations. [ home ]

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