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earhawk LSA: First Quick Build Kit Flies
Bearhawk Aircraft is excited to announce the maiden flight of the first Bearhawk LSA to be built from a Quick-Build Kit.  The completed aircraft, N514AK, is present on the Oshkosh grounds and on display in Bearhawk Aircraft exhibit booth 630.  Visitors are welcome to come see the plane and can readily identify its bright red and silver Oratex covering.   The Bearhawk LSA arrived from Texas to Oshkosh in 9.7 hours of flight time. Cruise speeds seen on the flight up varied from 98 miles per hour burning 4.5 gallons per hour to 118 mph using 6 GPH.  Empty weight of this aircraft is 818 pounds, allowing for a useful load of 322 pounds with a full 30-gallon tank of fuel.  The 105-horsepower Continental O-200 engine was built by Bob Barrows, and includes a full electrical system.  Barrows's prototype Bearhawk LSA is also present on the grounds and participating in the Valdez STOL contest.  In Monday's event, Barrows performed a takeoff roll of 94 feet and a landing roll of 140 feet.  Bearhawk Aircraft is based in Austin Texas, and delivers high-quality quick-build kits for the 4-place Bearhawk, Bearhawk Patrol, and Bearhawk LSA to customers around the world.  For more information, contact Mark Goldberg at 1-877-528-4776 or [ home ]

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