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Aircraft Fueling Efficiency - Pro 110 Industrial FTS Portable Fuel Trailer
Efficient fueling is a goal that every pilot and aircraft owner in general aviation practice. From the price per gallon of the Avgas or Mogas you run to the distance you'll need to taxi or fly to fuel up, many factors go into how you refuel your airplane or helicopter. To help minimize the time, cost, and wear on your engine, consider using a portable fuel trailer.

One model that comes pre-built with an aviation rated fuel pump and an aviation rated meter is the Pro 110 Industrial FTS by Gas Trailer. It is the only gas trailer choice for operators who want an easy, refueling solution on a professional grade platform. In either individual or commercial environments, the top of the line components and superior fabrication that make up this model will provide many years of dependable service.

In addition to a fully functioning portable fuel trailer, the Fuel Transfer System (FTS) is what sets this model apart. Not only can operators pump fuel out of the 110 gallon DOT compliant tank, but they can also siphon fuel from up to 15' away while discharging it another 50'. With the Pro 110 Industrial FTS, pumping is not the only option - transfer it! [ home ]

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