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SkyWest Airlines - UVU Pilot Cadet Program
Ben Lowe, a Salt Lake City-based CRJ Captain with SkyWest Airlines, met with students, faculty, and staff recently to provide details on the new SkyWest-UVU Pilot Cadet Program.

Captain Lowe was as enthusiastic about being a pilot as he was about working for SkyWest, “I love this job! It’s the best job I’ve ever had,” said Lowe. He was very encouraging to students about the opportunities available to them in the aviation industry, “I wish I was 10 years younger and in your seats today,” Lowe said. “You’re in a great spot for the rest of your career!”

Lowe also had some advice for students and CFIs. He urged everyone to work on their communications skills, noting that pilots need to be comfortable talking with people in a variety of circumstances.

He stressed the importance of professionalism, punctuality and self-presentation because SkyWest pilots not only represent themselves but also the company. “Be on time, look sharp and wear the full uniform.”
Lowe also suggested that individuals who are working to build flight time should make an effort to get to know and understand turbine engines and their associated systems.
A Q&A session followed the presentation. Questions included specifics about training and preparation, as noted above.
When asked about the SkyWest Pilot Cadet Program time frame, Lowe encouraged CFIs who are eligible or nearing eligibility to talk to the PAC and start expressing interest now.
He encouraged students to keep their grades up, maintain a clean driving record, develop their academic/aviation career and continue building flight time. “Prepare yourself for the future and enjoy your rides!”

Utah Valley University School of Aviation Sciences offers online and traditional degrees in aviation. Students can choose to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree with either an emphasis in Aviation Administration or as a Professional Pilot. Associate degree options are also available.

Students who are not able to attend UVU in person can complete either degree online, with the flight training portion of the professional pilot degree being completed conveniently at a local airport.

If you have questions, please stop by the UVU School of Aviation Sciences booth in the Education Center, # C 22 - 23 or contact Aviation Student Support at / 888-901-7192.
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