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NTM Aviation Displays Miraculous Escape Plane @ EAA AirVenture
In 1985, Colombian guerillas kidnapped an NTM Aviation pilot and the plane he flew and carefully hid them in the jungles of Colombia. The pilot, Paul Dye, found himself facing an impossible situation. As he asked God what he should do, he was impressed to get up in the middle of the night and escape with the plane. His miraculous night escape has been used by God to encourage many others through the years as they have seen the movie or read the book called “When Things Seem Impossible”.

Paul’s story is just the beginning. NTM Aviation has watched as God has intervened many times just when things seemed impossible. Recently NTMA experienced another impossible situation untangle right before their eyes. On June 5, 2014 the mission received a new Quest Kodiak for work on the field of Papua New Guinea. Many new NTM tribal works are scheduled to open in the next year in PNG and this plane is critical in the support of these works. This is another amazing story of God’s timely provision.

Those planning to attend the EAA AirVenture are encouraged to stop by NTM Aviation (booth #20) and find out how God continues to use airplanes to reach those living in nearly impossible to reach places of the world with the Gospel of Christ. AirVenture dates are July 28 – August 3.

Founded in 1969, New Tribes Mission Aviation ( is the aviation division of New Tribes Mission. The goal of NTM Aviation is to provide logistical and humanitarian support to NTM workers, partnering entities,and remote indigenous people groups living in areas of the world where ground transportation is time consuming, dangerous, and nearly impossible. NTM Aviation currently serves in Papua New Guinea, Asia-Pacific, and the Philippines. Plans for 2015 include opening a flight program in Brazil. NTM Aviation staff members provide technical support and fixed and rotor wing training from their headquarters in McNeal, AZ.
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